Choosing Riley

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Choosing Riley

Sarafin Warriors, #1

This delightful science fiction paranormal romance is a very entertaining introduction to a new series. The combination of futuristic concepts with the very pragmatic heroine is a wonderful combination, especially since she is so adept at confounding beings from ‘more advanced’ races. The weird and wonderful situation she finds herself in is both frightening and a tribute to her strong character, as she finds a way to somehow alter circumstances to benefit herself. The remarkable events that allow her to both capture the hearts of the very alien males she is forced into company with, her less than savory habits (ahem, including kleptomania, lol) which nonetheless come in handy, as does the rather capacious bag that is included in her assets. This is a delightfully tongue-in-cheek science fiction story that offers a different take on many of the tabloid conventions ascribed to interactions between Earth’s inhabitants and beings from other galaxies and one can’t help cheering for the heroine, snickering at the befuddled males, and breathlessly waiting for the next exciting adventure. I look forward to many more great stories in this universe!

“Choosing Riley” by S.E. Smith is Book 1 in the ‘Sarafin Warriors’ series and centers around Riley St. Claire, a feisty bail bondsman in Denver who gets kidnapped by aliens and is forced to choose a male from a selection of beings forced to work in the mines. Causing much consternation, Riley chooses five! Little does she realize, she has chosen Vox d’Rojah, a couple of his crew, and two other aliens. As ruling king of the Sarafin, Vox is used to being obeyed, and when the female he immediately identifies as his mate defies him, he is shocked…in more ways than one. Can a cat-shifter and a decidedly determined human female come to an understanding both can agree to? Only if they can survive long enough to find out…and that doesn’t take into account the others who are trying to capture or destroy them.

Book Blurb for Choosing Riley

Riley St. Claire has always followed her own rules. When she discovers her current employer is not as law abiding as she thought, she has to leave town in a hurry or end up buried with the dead guy she discovered. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself being picked up by a passing trader from another world.

As the ruling King of Sarafin, Vox d’Rojah, was expected to produce a son who would be joined in marriage with the first born daughter of the King of Valdier. The problem was Vox had no intentions of having any sons, at least not in the near future. He was quite happy with the wide selection of females he had at his disposal. When he is captured by a ruthless Valdier royal and sold to a mining operation the last thing he expected to find with his bride mate.

Vox isn’t sure which would be easier: fighting another war with the Valdier or capturing and holding onto the human female who is unlike anything he has ever encountered before.

Now, Vox has to escape back to his world while fighting pirates, traders, and Riley!

The King of Sarafin has met his match with Ms. Riley St. Claire from Earth. Now, he just needs to figure out a way to let her know he has chosen her as his Queen and he has every intention of keeping her by his side forever.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00