Challenging Spot the Difference

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Challenging Spot the Difference

Over 60 Timed Puzzles to Test Your Skills

“Challenging Spot the Difference: Over 60 Timed Puzzles to Test your Skills” was illustrated by Giulia Lombardo, Marc Parchow, Andea Ebert, and Nicolae Negura. This puzzle book consists of pages that have an increasing number of differences between the two drawings as one progresses through the book. Although some of the drawings have colored elements, most pages can be colored in.

I wasn’t thrilled by the drawings, even though I normally love playing this game, and I certainly wasn’t able to find all of the differences within the allotted time, even on the easier pages. The pages don’t lie flat, which makes it even more difficult to compare items near the center of facing pages, although this was less of an issue on those puzzles that were both on the same page. I think a lot of imagination went into drawing the pictures but seeing that some of the differences were a matter of a squiggly line or an extra tooth or spot was a bit frustrating. I definitely learned that I need to be much more observant and that I prefer my pictures to have fewer elements, lol. The title is definitely appropriate, I thought these were challenging pictures that I will have more fun coloring than spotting the differences!

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There's no doubt about it: coloring is a great way to spur on creativity, while mazes make your brain work harder and better. But what if kids think coloring books are for babies or mazes are just plain boring? Tell them to think again, because Spot the Difference, from the Challenging Books series, gets the puzzle challenges started right here! There are up to 100 differences to spot if you're up to it! Every puzzle starts easy and gets harder, with time challenges to see if kids can beat the best of the rest. Spot those differences and beat the clock then go ahead and color in some of these wacky, wonderful puzzles. Challenging Books are perfect for kids who like to kick things up a notch. The only question is are they up to the test? Encourage them to say yes, and they'll enjoy hours of stimulating fun! Includes perforated pages.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 3.25