Catch as Cat Can

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Catch as Cat Can

A Sunny & Shadow Mystery, #5

“Catch as Cat Can” is a fun cozy mystery that has the small town elements of interconnected characters, a nicely simmering romance, a dead body, a gradually unveiled mystery, and helpful secondary characters. I love the determined kitty who is a stowaway, acrobat, comfort-giver, and occasional informative observer. I’m not always a fan when the animal’s point of view is included in stories, but this one worked well for me, probably because I had fun figuring out his titles for the humans he interacted with. I thought some of the red herrings and additional threads were a little awkward, especially given the twist taken by the story at the end, but I was still very entertained by both the antics of Shadow’s humans and the appetizing dishes being described. I have not read the other stories in this series yet had no trouble reading this as a stand-alone tale, and I think this is a great story for those who enjoy cozy mysteries that blend homey elements with a bit of danger and a pinch of whimsicality.

This newest addition to the ‘Sunny and Shadow’ mystery series centers around Sunny Coolidge, who has moved back to Kittery Harbor in Maine to help her dad. Ably assisted by her furry sidekick, Shadow, Sunny uses her well-honed instincts from her journalistic days to investigate the fishy circumstances surrounding a dead body found in a rental space handled by Sunny’s company. Investigator Will Price has no qualms about accepting his girlfriend Sunny’s assistance, and knows that wherever she is, Shadow is soon to be involved, but neither of them expects how vital the intrepid feline’s role will be.

Book Blurb for Catch as Cat Can

The new Sunny and Shadow mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Hiss and Tell and Last Licks.

When a new seafood shop opens in Kittery Harbor, Maine, Sunny’s tomcat Shadow is on the hunt for tasty treats—until Sunny discovers a cold-blooded killer’s catch of the day.

Neil Garret is new to town, but his seafood shop is already going belly up. Working next door, former reporter Sunny Coolidge can’t help noticing the telltale signs. But checking on Neil one morning reveals something far worse for business than a lack of inventory—a mysterious man lies murdered in his freezer.

Sunny’s boyfriend, Chief Investigator Will Price, nets Neil as the prime suspect. But even when Sunny learns about Neil’s secret past, the open-and-shut case seems fishy. Now it’s up to Sunny to find the real culprit and get Neil off the hook.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.00