Cat in a White Tie and Tails

Midnight Louie Mysteries

“Cat In a White Tie and Tails” by Carole Nelson Douglas is another of her fun noir mysteries featuring the intrepid Midnight Louie and his associates. I always enjoy the repartee between the furry denizens who conduct their own investigations even as their human counterparts are fumbling their way along. I am still a little conflicted about the relationship between Temple and the males in her life as Max still battles the results of his horrific fall and Matt juggles his family obligations. It was nice to see some of the regulars but somehow this story didn’t grip me as much as they usually do. The continuing question of who the Synth are and the mystery of their goals plus the terrorist connections that seem to be haunting Max bring in some characters a little too conveniently and the lack of complete resolution for almost everything made this a somewhat disappointing read. The puns and snarky comments provide their usual lighthearted moments but I am a little concerned that the same territory seems to be traveled yet again even though there was a brief Chicago interlude to provide a change of scenery. I realize that there are a few more letters left in the alphabet for our furry detectives to overcome but I hope for a bit more innovation in the next tale although I am always happy to revisit Midnight Louie, Midnight Louise and the rest of the clowder of Vegas kitties.

Max Kinsella is back in Las Vegas and pursuing several mysteries, one at the behest of the hardworking Lt. Molina who is dealing with personal issues as well as various cold cases. Temple and Matt are very much in love and attempting to facilitate that condition for Matt’s own mother. Midnight Louie is smack in the middle of conflict as usual and Midnight Louise is determined to use Midnight Investigations, Inc. to unmask and foil the mysterious persons who are threatening the humans she considers to be under her family’s protection. A major cash prize is a serious temptation to multiple factions and a true Vegas style heist is in the offing. That is not the only thing that is threatened and the allies will have to decide where their meddling, ahem, intervention will be most effective.

Book Blurb for Cat in a White Tie and Tails

In Carole Nelson Douglas' Cat in a White Tie and Tails, Midnight Louie goes along as chaperone when PR whiz Temple Barr and her fiance, rising media star Matt Devine, head to Chicago so she can meet his family. Matt's mother has a tragic past primed to rise and bite anybody in reach, even the ex-alley cat sleuth. When Louie is snatched, the catnapping's surprising motive loops back to Vegas and a string of unsolved murders connected to magic…and ex-magician Max Kinsella, Temple's former significant other.

Skeptical homicide lieutenant C. R. Molina has commissioned Max to investigate the cold case murder she suspects he committed two years earlier. With traumatic amnesia from a recent attempt on his life, the once infallible Max is more sitting duck than predator. It will take an alliance of frenemies to solve the serial deaths before one of them joins the fatality list.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00