Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta

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Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta

Midnight Louie Mysteries

Midnight Louie is again pussyfooting around Vegas in support of his human, Temple Barr, as she juggles her obligations to various people in "Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta" by Carole Nelson Douglas. The suave black cat risks life and limb to ensure that his tender-hearted human does not pay for her compassion with more than she can afford to lose. The current fiance, Matt Devine must face a specter in the form of of the recovering semi-invalid Max Kinsella, who has returned to Sin City sans memory but full of regrets, adding to Matt's concerns about his future with Temple. It turns out that all three males will need to work together to ensure that their `doll' does not go the way of others as the Barbie Doll Killer continues to claim victims. An irresistible request by Savannah Ashleigh gives the diminutive Temple yet another mystery to ponder as she is introduced to a terminally ill ailurophile (cat lover) whose beloved felines are disappearing. Midnight Louie and his unsolicited sidekick and scion Midnight Louise practically run their respective pads off trying to monitor the key players who eventually converge on the domicile that houses the forlorn and neglected sisters, Yvette and Solange as matters come to a heated conclusion.

Another tale featuring a favorite noir character in his element as matters converge in this addition to the Midnight Louie alphabet of mysteries. It is depressing to see Max so reduced from his former greatness and mildly jarring to have the allusions of intimacy that are more prevalent between several of the main characters but perhaps this is a natural progression that was overlooked by my having missed a previous tale. Several loose ends are being addressed but there are still others that remain unresolved and will provide the feline sleuths with more prey as Temple continues to juggle her demanding males. Nice cameos by some of the Fontana brothers and their impressive vehicles as well as a pointed message by Louie and his author about responsibilities toward the furry members of one's family.

Book Blurb for Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta

Temple Barr is an ace P.R. wizard when it comes to promoting Las Vegas’ hottest clients.  She’s also an amateur sleuth who has caught her share of bad guys.

B-movie actress Savannah Ashleigh begs Temple to investigate the suspicious death of her rich aunt’s handyman. Temple happily takes the case, if for no other reason than to take her mind off her chaotic private life. Her ex-fiancé, the Mystifying Max, is back–minus his memory.  And current fiancé Matt Devine has shown up from a stint in Chicago with the promise of a surprising future.   Which may or may not include Temple.

As Temple digs into the man’s untimely demise she finds plenty of suspect and greedy humans swarming around the ailing Aunt Violet, who means to leave her estate to her resident cats.  Temple thinks she’s close to solving the case, but it becomes clear to Midnight Louie, Temple’s roommate and ace feline detective, that there are more deaths both human and feline coming. Add in the return of a mysterious stalker from the past, and it's murder and mayhem on all fronts for Temple, Louie, and the ones they love in the newest story in the Midnight Louie mystery series.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.25