Breaking the Rules

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Breaking the Rules

Troubleshooters, #16

Breaking the Rules by Suzanne Brockmann continues her very popular Troubleshooters series with the ongoing tale of Navy SEAL teammates and bitter enemies Izzy Zanella and Dan Gillman.  Izzy is still in love with Gillman’s younger sister Eden, whom he married to give healthcare benefits after she was impregnated by her then boyfriend’s drug dealer.    The loss of the baby caused her to undergo extreme depression and Eden rejected all of Izzy’s overtures and fled to Germany.  Gillman’s younger brother Benjamin is being tortured by his stepfather who thinks that he can find a way to “cure” Ben from being gay and Eden returns to Las Vegas to find a way to rescue him.   Dan has rejected Eden but still sends money home to help support Ben and has no idea of the hell that Ben is experiencing until he himself is gravely wounded and forced to re-evaluate his personal life and priorities.  Jennilynn LeMay became involved with Dan during his last leave but his less than flattering description of her led her to disbelieve any of his subsequent protestations of devotion.  Logic doesn’t prevent her from following her heart and rushing to his side when she discovers that he is wounded.  Rapidly embroiled in the soap opera that his life encompasses, Jenn accompanies the convalescing Dan to Las Vegas and discovers that his family is almost as colorful as her own.  Both Izzy’s and Dan’s complicated romances are further imperiled by Ben’s strange friendship with a young girl who is a victim of an international sex trade ring which may cost all of them their very lives.

Another rollicking tension-filled masterpiece by Brockmann.  Vivid descriptions of the dangers that face our intrepid members of the military interspersed with a riveting story that adeptly interweaves sadly accurate fact with fiction make this an enthralling read.  The angst-ridden relationship between Izzy and Eden is finally addressed and a spotlight is focused on the seamy underworld of child abuse, both physical and mental.  A fantastic addition to the fascinating series.

Book Blurb for Breaking the Rules

Navy SEAL Izzy Zanella and his estranged wife, Eden Gillman, were once very much in love but now can barely stand to speak to each other. But when Eden discovers that her younger brother Ben is being abused by his stepfather, she is set on saving him anyway she can – even if that means reconciling with Izzy to prove to a court that they can give better care to the young teenage boy. Just as Izzy and Eden’s hearts begin to mend, the makeshift family gets caught up in saving another youth from a crime ring in Las Vegas and ends up with a group of dangerous men on their trail.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75