Forget Me Knot

This deliciously emotional and darkly sensual m/m tale provides a compelling tale of a young man facing yet another major personal hurdle in his life. Jason’s naivete both concerns and delights the man who wants to introduce him to the allure of erotic pain and pleasure and this story which could be a little disconcerting to the neophyte actually provides a beautiful description of a slowly flowering relationship. There are searingly passionate intimate encounters but there is also a poignant emotional journey that is touching and intense. Although I don’t pretend to understand the attraction to this kind of kink, I found the tale to be fascinating and well-written and had no trouble appreciating the difficulty experienced by anyone who is deemed different from those he or she normally interacts with. The sense of alienation and the fear of being judged for one’s proclivities is vividly described in a compelling story and I certainly hope there will be more tales of this striking couple.

“Bound: Forget Me Knot” by H.B. Pattskyn is the intensely erotic tale of Jason Kennly who is struggling to come to terms with his future and his sexuality when he meets a stunning man named Henry Durand at a leather goods booth at a science fiction convention. Henry offers to introduce Jason to the seductive and kinky world of BDSM and finds a hesitant but very curious pupil who offers more allure than the older man is quite comfortable with. The heated attraction that flares between the two men has many obstacles to overcome and unfortunately, some may be insurmountable.

Book Blurb for Bound

Jason Kennly needs to get a closer look when he spots a gray leather collar from across the dealers’ room at a science fiction convention, even if there’s no way he can afford it on his college student budget. After all, looking is free. But then he spots something he wants even more than the collar: leather booth owner Henry Durand, who insists Jason try it on. When Henry asks Jason to be his model at a bondage demo, Jason agrees despite his lack of experience as a sub and ends up spending a no-strings-attached weekend exploring his kinky side with a virtual stranger.

Then the con is over, Jason and Henry go their separate ways, and it’s back to real life. Coming to terms with his identity as a submissive and masochist isn’t easy for Jason. Suddenly he has to face fear, doubt, and a best friend who’ll do anything to get him away from “that creep” and back together with the ex-boyfriend who ignored him. All Jason wants is to be with Henry, but what if that means becoming his slave?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50