“Blue” by L.B. La Vigne was a little erratic for my tastes. The prologue was confusing to me but I really liked the way the first chapter started with the lost cat as the focal point. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of constantly shifting points of view and the way the action shifted abruptly in time was disconcerting to me. I was frustrated by the hot and cold interactions between the guys and I thought the inequality of the relationship, no matter how intense the sexual encounters, made things very awkward. The issues from Reid’s past just added to the confusion and made me wonder if there is a longer version of this story planned.

This adult contemporary m/m romance story follows the relationship that forms between college student Ben Stacks and businessman Harrison Reid, whose complicated past threatens to prevent them from having a future together.

Book Blurb for Blue

When his lost cat is returned by college student Ben Stacks, east coast businessman Harrison Reid can’t deny the obvious sparks between them. It only makes sense to meet again, and soon, to strike up a relationship.

But Reid has skeletons in his past, ones that haunt him as he tries to start fresh with Ben. Reid is determined not to let that old life get in the way of this new romance, especially with how strongly Ben is falling for him.

How long can he hide the truth though, especially when old acquaintances come to call and expose him to the man he’s come to love? Standing up to them is about far more than closing old doors. For Reid, it only exposes how much he’s terrified of a happy ever after. But he must act quickly, because Ben will not accept a man who can’t be truly free to live the life of his dreams.

Blue is a 63,000-word novel.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 3.25