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Rebel Angel, #2

This exciting fantasy series continues to provide a mesmerizing glimpse into a hard-fought struggle that tangentially affects mortal humans but rarely gives them much power in the conflict that may decide the fate of their entire race. The alien philosophy displayed by the long-lived beings known as the Sithe is dramatically displayed in the violence and ruthless destruction detailed in the stories in this series. This is definitely not a stand-alone book and even familiarity with the first compelling book in the series fails to explain all of the events that take place but this is a mesmerizing addition to the series and introduces new striking characters who cause unexpected twists in the story. Perhaps an explanation of some of the rituals and beings who appear in the story would be helpful because I found myself a little lost in a few places but I still thought this to be a great addition to the series, even though I am not thrilled about certain developments, and I look forward to more exciting tales in this series.

“Bloodstone” by Gillian Philip is Book Two of the ‘Rebel Angels’ fantasy series that continues the saga of the Sithe who are engaged in a desperate and long-term search for a way to avoid the destruction of the Veil between their world and that of mortals. Centuries have passed while Conal and Seth have been exiled along with Conal’s mother Leonora to search for the Bloodstone that will be pivotal in whether the Veil persists or fails. Unfortunately, their goal differs from their inimical queen, Kate’s, and she will destroy whatever lives she deems expedient using her minions and associates. Conal’s sister repudiates the land of the Sithe and attempts to raise her daughter Fionnuala completely in the mortal world but the struggle goes on and the price paid in blood and tears continues to rise.

Book Blurb for Bloodstone

Bloodstone is the second novel in Gillian Philip’s critically acclaimed Rebel Angels series, debuting in the United States for the first time.

For centuries, Sithe warriors Seth and Conal MacGregor have hunted for the Bloodstone demanded by their Queen. Homesick, and determined to protect their clan, they have also made secret forays across the Veil. One of these illicit crossings has violent consequences that will devastate both their close family, and their entire clan.

In the Otherworld, Jed Cameron, a feral, full-mortal young thief, becomes entangled with the strange and dangerous Finn MacAngus and her shadowy uncles. When he is dragged into the world of the Sithe, it’s nothing he can’t handle until time warps around him, and menacing forces reach out to threaten his infant brother. In the collision of two worlds, war and tragedy are inevitable, especially when treachery comes from the most shocking of quarters….

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50