Blood Trinity

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Blood Trinity

Book 1 in the Belador Series

Blood Trinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love is book one of the Belador series and focuses on Evalle Kincaid, the only Alterant who is allowed to work with the Beladors who are protecting Atlanta.  She has plenty of drawbacks in her life to deal with, including the fact that she is unable to tolerate sunlight on her skin and her half-breed nature makes her at risk for shifting to an uncontrollable alter-ego.  There are only two associates that she trusts to a certain extent but constantly lives in fear of becoming imprisoned just because of the risk that she poses to those around her.  A mysterious influx of demons and the reappearance of a highly coveted arcane artifact causes an increase in the opposing factions who invade the city and threaten to destroy the balance of power as well as harm innocent human bystanders.  Evalle seems to become the eye of the rapidly increasing storm that may very well obliterate the world unless she determines a way to distinguish those who are truly her allies from those who seek to use her for their own nefarious purposes.

A promising start to a new series that will provide plenty of delectable subjects for future tales.  Unfortunately, there is an almost overwhelming collection of alpha males distributed among different factions that have nebulous ties to one another and are virtually impossible to distinguish as overtly “good” versus “evil” players.  The reader gets the feeling that one has entered in the middle of the series because there are so many backstories implied.  A multitude of pantheons are cited, including a Tribunal temporarily comprised of Loki, Ares and Pele and a plethora of paranormal powers including telekinesis, shapeshifting, telepathy are manifested in addition to the presence of witches of various factions, ghouls, demons, and warlocks to name a few types of beings.  The tortured heroine is painfully self-reliant but has a delightful mode of transportation and an adorable baby gargoyle (not a common adjective applied to that type of creature) who provides a welcome respite from the constant conflicts. The somewhat uneven writing makes it somewhat difficult to follow the storyline but the nonstop action and varied characters make it an intriguing introduction to the series.  Hopefully there will be a guide to characters and their histories at some point in the future.

Book Blurb for Blood Trinity

Supernatural warriors bound by an extraordinary code of honor face an ultimate test of loyalty in the exciting new paranormal thriller from New York Times bestselling authors Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love.Atlanta has become the battlefield between human and demon. All her life, Evalle Kincaid has walked the line between the two. Her origins unknown, she's on a quest to learn more about her past . . . and her future.When a demon claims a young woman in a terrifying attack and there's no one else to blame, Evalle comes under suspicion. Now she's on a deadly quest for her own survival. Through the sordid underground of an alternate Atlanta where nothing is as it seems to the front lines of the city, where her former allies have joined forces to hunt her, Evalle must prove her innocence or pay the ultimate price.But saving herself is the least of her problems if she doesn't stop the coming apocalypse. The clock is ticking and Atlanta is about to catch fire. . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.25