Bitter Bite

This intriguing and erotic paranormal romance has deliciously compelling characters who struggle against the sizzling attraction that forms the basis for a ménage a trois. The danger that accompanies the attentions of the vampire Alaric adds to the tension and makes this a suspenseful read, but I felt that some of the developments seemed a little forced and abrupt, and a little too convenient. I was also a bit uncomfortable with Gideon’s history and his confessions about his feelings for someone who was a student, despite his never having acted on them, as it seems a bit too close to the line for me. That being said, the intimate scenes are wonderfully steamy, and the dangers are chilling, and I would love to see this triad in a longer story that gives them all a chance to be better appreciated in more detail.

“Bitter Bite” by Erin M. Leaf follows Alaric Normand, a very old vampire, who discovers that his chance encounter with ex-priest Gideon Keegan signals the start of a complicated relationship that will eventually get even more entangled with the addition of Gideon’s former student, Hannah. The three of them are astounded and challenged by the attraction felt between them, but the two humans have no idea of the dangers…and benefits…of giving their hearts and loyalty to a being who has amazing powers, but whose attentions come with a risk to their lives and their souls. Fortunately for Alaric, they have hidden depths to contribute to the relationship as well.

Book Blurb for Bitter Bite

Alaric Normand is a solitary predator, so when he meets a man who kindles long-dormant emotions, he dismisses the attraction. What does he need with a lover? A consort bond spells nothing but vulnerability for a vampire who’s been alone for five centuries.

Ex-priest Gideon Keegan has lost his faith, so when he witnesses a supernatural killing, how does he accept the reality of evil? And why does he feel attraction for such a violent individual, especially when he’s already in love with someone else?

Everyone thinks Hannah Ward is an innocent, but she knows the truth: she’s done terrible things, and so she hides her affection for Gideon. She isn’t worthy of love, yet when a handsome stranger kisses her she falls hard, despite her sense that something is wrong. How can she have feelings for two men at once? Must she choose between the dark and the light?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.75