Birthday Boy

“Birthday Boy” by Cassandra Carr is a quick steamy read about a very special celebration supplied by Johnny Quinn’s sexy girlfriend, Steffi Haven, who has decided to overcome some of her inhibitions and give him a series of gifts to remember. The carnal experiences that she shares keep surprising him as he discovers that not only is she arousingly un-dressed for a surprising episode of exhibitionism yet wearing a very special accessory to make the night memorable but that she is determined to help check off even more items on his sexual bucket list. An intensely carnal read about a woman making some of her lover’s fantasies come true.

Book Blurb for Birthday Boy

Johnny Quinn’s not thrilled about creeping ever closer to forty, and the loud, thumping bass in the dance club his girlfriend Steffi has dragged him to on his birthday isn’t helping. Then she makes a bold suggestion. She wants to have sex in the middle of the club. After picking his jaw up from the floor, Johnny agrees. But that’s not all—Steffi’s got more sexy surprises in store. Johnny’s not sure any birthday could top this year’s, and he’s left wondering what Steffi will do to make him an even happier birthday boy next year.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50