Seraphine Chronicles, Book 2

This very spicy novella continues to reveal the secrets behind a closely-knit triad of women who consider each other to be ‘hallas’ or heart-sisters. Each female has been sexually untouched but marked by an evil sorcerer who seeks to rule the world by controlling their powers. The tale combines fantastical beings and very carnal encounters between various characters as the protagonists engage in ongoing attempts to keep the evil sorcerer from prevailing. It is interesting to see the background of the powerful males who are gradually pairing up with the women who are an odd combination of innocence and sensuality. It is a little disturbing to have the sorcerer's deliberate pursuit of a perverted relationship graphically demonstrated but it definitely highlights him as an evil that needs to be destroyed. A quick and spicy read.

“Bewitched” by Cheyenne McCray is the second novella in the erotic ‘Seraphine Chronicles’ series. One of three orphaned girls raised together by a harsh guardian, Ranelle has a much loftier origin than she ever imagined. She is unable to understand who the male shadowing her movements is, but she is anxious to accompany him when he appears while she is trying to escape from the evil sorcerer Zanden. Jalen is an Elvin warrior who serves the Queen of the Seraphine Elves and his attraction to Ranelle prompts him to ignore the strictures that discourage relationships between her Nordain race and the Elves. Together, they will embark on a very sensual exploration that may mark a significant change in the interactions between their respective races, if she can survive long enough to accept her role in his life.

Book Blurb for Bewitched

Unaware of her true heritage, Ranelle has no memory of being taken as a toddler even as her parents were cruelly murdered. Ranelle knows only that a sadistic and ruthless man has kept her prisoner and now she must escape a fate worse than death.

Jalen has been assigned to protect the beautiful Ranelle from the powerfully evil being. When he attempts to rescue her, he learns a shocking truth that shakes him to his core. Ranelle is his heartmate.

When Ranelle discovers that Jalen has joined them in a binding ceremony without her knowledge, she is beyond furious. Before he can stop her, she flees and finds herself trapped in an erotic realm with no hope of escape.

Jalen is determined to find his heartmate. He must rescue her from the erotic realm where she has vanished and must protect her from the rapidly approaching evil…an evil that neither of them may be able to escape.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00