Best Gay Erotica 2015

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Best Gay Erotica 2015

This deliciously varied collection of sexy stories showcases the talents of authors adept in a multiplicity of genres ranging from fantasy to contemporary. The various vignettes of steamy encounters offer a very entertaining buffet of arousing tales, with unique storylines that enhance the collection and will undoubtedly stimulate both figuratively and literally. This is another great collection of short stories to add to the series.

“Best Gay Erotica 2015” is an anthology edited by Rob Rosen comprised of 12 sizzling m/m stories. The stories include a kind of pick your preferred description of an arousing encounter, complete with a plethora of homonyms presented in “Different Strokes” by Richard Michaels, a hot-in-all-senses-of-the-word encounter between men from two different cultures depicted in “Hot Man Boulevard” by Jacqueline Brocker, a young man’s introduction to all that his idol is willing to teach him in a private audience as is told by salome Wilde in “like Magic”, a rodeo clown and a bull rider finally getting to really know each other in Logan Zachary’s “Bullheaded”, a searing encounter in the gym shower in “No Ifs, Ands or Butts by Ro Rosen, and a lust-inspiring collection of repairmen in “Super Service” by Michael Roberts plus six other very spicy tales.

Book Blurb for Best Gay Erotica 2015

Best Gay Erotica 2015 is filled to the page-turning brim with fantastic tales of fire dancers and TV repairmen, of hunky painters and electricians and magicians, solo sex, duo sex, and sweat-soaked triple onslaughts. Heck, throw in an alien and a priest, and you’ll soon see why this anthology is head and shoulders ? not to mention certain other body parts ? above the rest, and always with the highest literary quality that readers have come to expect from this esteemed and steamy collection.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00