Arctic Drift

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Arctic Drift

Dirk Pitt Series #20

Clive and son Dirk Cussler have penned a new novel featuring the exploits of the legendary Dirk Pitt and his friends and family in a chilling story of greed and the race to find alternative energy sources.  Arctic Drift features well-known characters such as Dirk Pitt's grown children Summer and Dirk, Al Giordino, James Sandecker (Vice-President of the U.S.) and many other favorites.  A historical trip searching for the fabled Northwest Passage during the mid-1800s results in tragedy and inexplicable madness linked with a cargo of silver rocks.  A mysterious 21st century tragedy embroils the younger Pitt generation in increasingly sinister events as they attempt to conduct a NUMA research study in the frigid waters around Alaska and Vancouver.  The senior Dirk Pitt is not content to relax and enjoy married life and his status as director of NUMA but instead becomes involved in a race to uncover a source of a mineral which could change the entire world to a revolutionary green energy production process but he may have exhausted his supply of luck as he navigates the treacherous environment of the frozen North.  A series of inexplicable attacks bring Canada and the United States to the brink of a major conflict and only the extraordinary efforts of the NUMA teams offer a chance to avert catastrophe.

Another enjoyable Cussler book that combines fascinating possibilities with believable descriptions that interweave historical facts and fiction.  A scary description of what can happen when a megalomaniac misuses his wealth to alter the course of research into alternative energy.  Trevor Miller, a Forestry Service ecologist, joins forces with the younger Pitts after his family is devastated by the inexplicable death of his brother and proves to be an invaluable ally who may continue to have a role in the series.

Book Blurb for Arctic Drift

A foundered Victorian ship looking for the fabled Northwest Passage holds a secret in its icy grave ...When Dirk Pitt of NUMA is almost blown to pieces in a lab explosion, he suspects sabotage. The lab in question belongs to a scientist hoping to use a rare mineral to combat greenhouse gases - but who would want to destroy our one chance to save the planet? But there are those who will do anything to control such a valuable prize. Pitt's investigations take him to the Arctic in search of a clue to the origins of this precious mineral. There, he and NUMA colleague Al Giordino must battle for survival against the hostile elements and an evil megalomaniac who is about to plunge the North American continent into war.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.25