Another One Bites the Dust

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Another One Bites the Dust

Jensen Murphy, Ghost For Hire, #2

It took me a few minutes to stop humming the song conjured by this title and concentrate on this exciting paranormal story but I was quickly drawn into this world that is peopled by charismatic and mysterious beings. Not being familiar with the initial story in the series, I was a little concerned about being completely lost, but there is enough background shared that it wasn’t a problem. There are fascinating quirks that characterize the ghosts, such as their fondness for using batteries to recharge and the propensity to have ‘lookiloos’ hanging around, but also very poignant issues that are raised about their existence. I am not terribly fond of the idea of inimical spirits hanging around yet found this tale to be engaging and thought-provoking without my becoming too creeped out. There are multiple mysteries being gradually solved and an interesting mix of folks who can interact with the various spirits, in addition to those who are either less sensitive or completely oblivious (personally, I’d rather be oblivious, lol) and challenges are overcome in very inventive ways. There are very serious issues that are addressed and this is not a tale for the squeamish but this is both a very entertaining story and one that is thought-provoking about the concept of justice. I definitely want to read the first in the series and continue learning more about Jensen, although I probably will stick to reading these stories during the daylight hours!

“Another One Bites the Dust” by Chris Marie Green is part of the ‘Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire’ series and continues after the adventures of “Only the Good Die Young”. This fascinating and imaginative story follows Jensen, a ghost, who doesn’t know who murdered her, but who has found a few living people she can communicate with. She is invested in helping medium Amanda Lee in her tasks but is also learning about the capabilities of her own existence even as she worries about the repercussions of previous actions which caused a major upheaval in the Edgett family, with the result that neither Gavin nor Wendy really want to have anything to do with her, yet they may need her help to defend them from a malevolent entity. There is also the issue of the mysterious ‘False Dean’ who continues to tempt Jensen and confuse her. So many problems, how’s a ghost supposed to pursue her own agenda when she’s tied up helping everyone else?

Book Blurb for Another One Bites the Dust

Jensen Murphy is back in the spooky sequel to Only the Good Die Young.

Some people think that ghosts are spirits that refuse to go to the other side because they have unfinished business. Take my word?that’s true. I should know. I’m a ghost.

I was an ordinary eighties California girl, dead before my time, until psychic Amanda Lee Minter pulled me out of the time loop where I was reliving my death over and over. Now I’m Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire. I decided to put my spooky talents to use in helping Amanda Lee track down bad guys and killers (including my own).

It’s taken time to figure out exactly how that will work (our first case was definitely a learning experience for all involved), so when a young woman asks Amanda Lee for help convincing her best friend to leave a dangerously hot-tempered boyfriend, I’m ready and willing to use our collective powers on her behalf. But some people are dangerous not only to the living?especially when there are darker forces involved....

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50