An Angel's Hope

An Angel’s Hope by Stephani Hecht introduces a civil war being waged between different factions of angels with most of the fairies and elves remaining unaligned at the moment.  Nissa is a fairy who has an agenda when she traps the archangel Ramiel into claiming her as his mate.  He is caught in the conflict between his distaste at having been forced into claiming the person that he has inexplicably dreamt about before meeting her and his reluctant attraction to the feisty fairy.  Nissa is haunted daily by the memories of her uncle’s massacre of the rest of her family as he usurped their royal power and hopes that Ramiel with give her the security she has always longed for.  She fights against those who want to bring her back and restore her to the throne regardless of her own desires while trying to keep herself and her ward Ella safe from the assassination attempts that her uncle still mounts.  Ramiel honorably fulfills his obligations and formally accepts Nissa into a mating bond while struggling to help her assimilate into the archangel’s way of life.  He discovers that his plucky mate amply reciprocates the passionate feelings that are growing within him but their blossoming relationship is threatened both by his dangerous profession and the fairy population’s threat to withhold their support of the archangels if Nissa is not returned to take her rightful position in their society.

An interesting read with a lot of potential to become an excellent series.  The storyline is a bit complex and murky at this time but there are plenty of appealing characters who are vaguely reminiscent of those that populate Sherrilyn Kenyon’s tales. 

The abrupt ending makes one wonder if a few pages were inadvertently omitted instead of giving the true cliffhanger anticipation.  Stephani Hecht is an author worth watching for in the future.

Book Blurb for An Angel's Hope

Born an angel warrior, Ramiel always knew it would be his destiny to protect mankind from demons. He also knew it meant his desires and needs would come second. Since the angel warriors are still embroiled in a civil war with the justice angels, now he has the added worry of keeping his loved ones safe. Never in a million years did he dream he would have to marry a fairy princess named Nissa. He has no choice though. In order to win the war, the angel warriors need the fairy armies on their side, and by taking her as his bride, he can form that desperately needed alliance.
Nissa knows Ramiel is only wedding her out of duty, but she is drawn to the dangerous archangel. Alone since she had been just a child, she is used to having to take care of herself. The last thing she wants now is to find herself dependant on someone else. Even if he is tall, hot and all muscles. Still, the moment Ramiel holds her in his arms, Nissa knows there is no way she can deny her desires. But at what cost?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.25