Alpha Mountie

An Oh Canada Title

This erotic paranormal novella combined a very spicy read with an intriguing suspense tale in a very compact tale. The characters were intriguing and the intimate encounters were sizzling even though they strained credulity a bit (very hardy folks who don’t seem to be terribly concerned with the cold or the prospect of exhibitionism). The end was a little rushed and jumbled for my tastes and the resolution was a little forced but this was still a very entertaining read. I look forward to reading more tales from this talented author.

“Alpha Mountie” by Lena Loneson is the sizzling and entertaining tale of a Mountie named Campbell Dawson who joins forces with Noire Pelletier to investigate mysterious murders that have a very personal connection to her. Noire’s discovery that the sexy Mountie has the ability to shapeshift helps provide clues to the nature of the killer but their carnal connection with one another may be both a boon and a disadvantage and they will need all of their wits if they are going to survive long enough to find the killer and find justice for all of the victims.

Book Blurb for Alpha Mountie

When her sister’s body washes up on the shore in Toronto, Noire Pelletier is devastated. She’ll do whatever it takes to find her sister’s killer. Not even the gorgeous Mountie assigned to the case will distract her—for long.

Constable Cam Dawson comes to the city seeking a serial killer, but finds a lot more—a beguiling park ranger who tastes like the wild that runs through his blood. Has he finally met the woman strong enough to embrace his lupine side?

The hunt for a killer leads Noire and Cam on a dangerous and passion-fueled journey deep into the wilderness, where they discover an evil much greater than a simple man. To make it out alive, Noire will have to trust in something stronger than vengeance—love.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 3.50