A Study in Sable

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A Study in Sable

An Elemental Masters Novel, #11

“A Study In Sable” by Mercedes Lackey effortlessly returned me to the alternate world populated by those who can manipulate magic or talk to ghosts, mythical and mystical creatures, and…the Holmes brothers, who continue to wreak their own brand of magic on the land. I love the interaction between Nan, Sarah, and their avian companions, Grey and Neville, as well as the intriguing look at an England that has Robin Goodfellow and his denizens wandering around.

The shifting relationship between Nan and Sarah was a little difficult for me to believe and the way certain events were given a sinister cast and then seen through a different lens was a little forced, as far as I was concerned. The story didn’t have a smoothly flowing transition from scene to scene but it was still great to see the girls and watch them interact with various familiar characters from the beloved A.C. Doyle series. The imaginative intersection between two different genres of literature and the fun competition between the science of logic and the ‘science’ of psychic phenomena and magic makes this an entertaining series but this is not my favorite.

This addition to the ‘Elemental Masters’ fantasy series follows Nan and Sarah as they are tasked with various assignments utilizing their arcane abilities. Sarah’s ability to deal with ghosts brings her to the attention of a talented opera singer who is purportedly being haunted. Interestingly, there is also a mystery surrounding this woman, which prompts the great Sherlock Holmes to apply his keen intellect and utilize tools that he would normally disdain…including those which smack of magic. Nan and Sarah may be following different paths, but they will always be supportive of one another…at least in theory.

Book Blurb for A Study in Sable

Psychic Nan Killian and Medium Sarah Lyon-White—along with their clever birds, the raven Neville and the parrot Grey—have been agents of Lord Alderscroft, the Elemental Fire Master known as the Wizard of London, since leaving school. Now, Lord Alderscroft assigns them another commission: to work with the famous man living at 221 Baker Street—but not the one in flat B. They are to assist the man living in flat C. Dr. John Watson and his wife Mary, themselves Elemental Masters of Water and Air, take the occult cases John’s more famous friend disdains, and they will need every skill the girls and their birds can muster!

Nan and Sarah’s first task: to confront and eliminate the mysterious and deadly entity that nearly killed them as children: the infamous Haunt of Number 10 Berkeley Square. But the next task divides the girls for the first time since they were children. A German opera star begs Sarah for help, seeking a Medium’s aid against not just a single spirit, but a multitude. As Sarah becomes more deeply entwined with the Prima Donna, Nan continues to assist John and Mary Watson alone, only to discover that Sarah’s case is far more sinister than it seems. It threatens to destroy not only a lifelong friendship, but much, much more.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 3.75