A Play of Shadow

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A Play of Shadow

Night's Edge, #2

The fun thing about reading fantasy is having one's imagination stretched, as one amazing event forms the framework for another, but it is essential for a vivid universe to be established in order for everything else to make sense, especially when one revisits after an absence. This series combines vivid world-building, memorable characters, and intensely emotional encounters that are fascinating in that none of them involve a 'normal' run-of-the-mill human. From the mercurial Wisp, whose protective dragonish qualities are contrasted with his whimsical dexterity as a breeze, the intimidating and carnivorous kruar Scourge, with his somewhat skewed method of interaction, to the remarkable house toad who manages to produce just what is needed at a crucial juncture...the myriad of creatures add a wonderful texture to a story that combines magic, adventure and romance in a winning combination. I confess to a tendency to take a closer look at the moths around me, in hopes that one will be writing on a very tiny scroll and I look forward to many more adventures featuring the fascinating Turn-born Jenn as she continues to explore her capabilities, ably supported by the very intriguing Bannan.

"A Play of Shadow: Mellynne" by Julie Czerneda is the second story in the mesmerizing 'Night's Edge' series, and continues the story of Jenn Nalynn and her adventures with the other inhabitants of Marrowdell. Her ties to Truthseer Bannan Larmensu prompt her to risk the unpredictable dangers of the Verge in order to help search for his missing relatives. The amazing revelations about his family and the continuing maturation of Jenn's abilities elicit unexpected situations but the evil that seeks to destroy everything being built makes it essential for allies both large and small to take a stand, as the very fabric of Marrowdell becomes endangered.

Book Blurb for A Play of Shadow

What would you risk for family?

In the second installment of Night’s Edge, Bannan Larmensu, the truthseer who won Jenn Nalynn’s heart, learns his brother-in-law was sent as a peace envoy to Channen, capitol of the mysterious domain of Mellynne, and has disappeared. When Bannan’s young nephews arrive in Marrowdell, he fears the worst, that his sister, the fiery Lila, has gone in search of her husband, leaving her sons in his care.

The law forbids Bannan from leaving Marrowdell and travelling to Mellynne to help his sister. In this world. As a turn-born, Jenn Nalynn has the power to cross into the magical realm of the Verge, and take Bannan with her. Once there, they could find a way into Mellynne.

If they survive. The Verge is wild and deadly, alive with strange magic. Dragons roar and kruar wait in ambush, and the powerful turn-born who care for their world do not care for Jenn Nalynn.

She’s willing to try. Wisp and Scourge -- and the house toads -- offer their help.

But what none of them know is that magic is rife in Channen, magic that flows from the Verge itself. And not even a turn-born will be safe there.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 5.00