A Night In the Life of Cinderella

Series: A Night In the Life of a Princess (book 1-each stands alone)

Cindy is a girl with dreams of escaping the clutches of her evil stepmother and vicious stepsisters by designing her own line of shoes.  A brief chance encounter with a deliciously attractive man at a coffeehouse makes the virginal Cindy think very carnal thoughts as she struggles to keep her mind on her work as she prepares to meet one of the fashion world’s most famous designers.  The mysterious and virile stranger rescues Cindy from the evil machinations of her stepsisters and sweeps her away for a night of mind boggling erotic lessons and transforms her into a seductive queen worthy of his love.

A Night in the Life of Cinderella is a nicely crafted retelling of a favorite fairy tale with a few modern embellishments and some delightfully spicy love scenes.  Cindy feels trapped in her world with no exit until she is swept away by her Prince Charming all because of a chance encounter at a coffee shop.  A modern woman, Cindy has no problem with her own self stimulation but she soon learns that the man that she is inexplicably attracted to can introduce her to far greater pleasures through his careful tutelage.  The curtains close all too quickly on the fortunate couple as they reach mutual satisfaction but hopefully they will both live happily ever after.

Book Blurb for A Night In the Life of Cinderella

We all know how important finding the right shoes can be to a woman’s soul. We all know how Prince Charming fit the glass slipper on Cinderella’s foot and they lived happily ever after. But have you wondered what happened once they were alone? And most importantly, is the fairytale ending available for today’s lovers?
In line for a four dollar pick-me-up at a New York City café, Cindy, an aspiring shoe designer, meets her Latte Romeo and the drudgery of daily responsibilities evaporate from her world for an hour. When their time together comes to an abrupt end, she flees not knowing his true name and without giving him a way to contact her.
If they are meant to be, he will find her. Won’t he?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.25