A Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding

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A Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding

The Coldwater Series, #2

“A Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding” by Lexi Eddings is a lovely story about second chances and reputations. The gradual revelations about various secrets that have changed lives and family dynamics are interwoven with the fun descriptions of the madness that surrounds a wedding in the family. Add in the challenges of dealing with scary conditions like breast cancer or the need for an organ transplant, not to mention a stalker, and chaos almost ensues. I enjoyed watching the revelations although I was a little skeptical that Michael’s estrangement had left his subsequent life that much of a mystery for everyone, as I would think somebody would have looked for him. There is a nice balance between tragedy and happiness and I love the concept of “needing more commas” in one’s life (yes, I think we all need more of them!).

Dr. Hildebrand is a very awkward character for me and I was startled at the final switch between Lacy and Heather, which was odd for me but maybe others will be more understanding. Despite those complications, I really enjoyed the story and will definitely be looking for other stories by this talented author who paints lovely word-pictures.

This contemporary romance with suspense elements is part of the ‘Coldwater’ series and features Michael Evans, who has shaken off his black sheep guilt and come back to town both to support his mother in her fight for life and to be present for his sister’s wedding. Unfortunately, nurse Heather Walker has plenty of reasons to resent Michael, and it will take a lot for her to welcome him back, especially since he insists on using the nickname she hated when they were both in high school. Michael has learned to fight for what he wants, and even though he still is making mistakes, he quickly learns from them, and it’s time for him to prove to everyone he’s a different person from the young man who snuck away so long ago.

Book Blurb for A Coldwater Warm Hearts Wedding

Everyone longs for a place to be loved and accepted, warts and all. And Coldwater Cove has its share of warts! But while this cozy corner of the world is home to just about anyone who wants to put down roots, the way has been barred to Michael Evans.

Mike's dad saw to that some ten years ago when he ordered him to leave town and never come back. But when Michael learns his mother is battling breast cancer, not even the animosity between him and his father can keep him away. Of course he didn't figure on getting roped into being best man at his sister's upcoming wedding, but as long as Michael's back in town, he figures he’s got a second chance with the girl who got away—Heather Walker.

Long-legged Heather has had a love/hate relationship with the town bad boy ever since he christened her “Stilts” in middle school. She was voted most likely to succeed. Michael seemed destined for the state pen. Even so, she hopes there's more to him than leathers and a Harley, for his family's sake if nothing else. But while her fascination with him grows, a decade-old secret involving a member of her family threatens to tear them apart...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00