You'll Always Have Tara

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You'll Always Have Tara

A Riches to Romance Tale, #2

This is the second book in very funny and entertaining series about three Maxwell sisters who lost their fortune and social status after their father suddenly died. I read the first book in the series "Dreaming of Manderley" featuring the oldest sister Manderley Maxwell and I immensely enjoy it. Therefore, the only logical thing to do was to read the second book about the middle sister Tara. I enjoyed this story also.

"You'll always have Tara" is a fast pace read full of funny situations, hot guys and a bit of soul searching. All the characters are great, both major and secondary. I especially liked Tara and super-hot Aidan who is more than just a good-looking guy. I have to say that the book blurb does not do the justice to Tara. In the blurb she is described as spoiled girl who lived her life in luxury. This is only partially true. Tara lived pampered life but she is far from being spoiled. She very down to earth girl.The story is rich and it flows just nicely. It mostly revolves around relationship between Tara and one of the guys and Tara’s quest of her true calling.

While the first book in the series was very similar to Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, in this second instalment author creates original story that does not have many similarities with Gone with the wind; except few references to the famous story.

"You'll always have Tara" can be read as a standalone but read the first story in the series because it is great. And when you finish reading it read this because it is also great. It is needless to say that I can not wait for the third instalment.


After a sudden death of her father and aunt, Tara feels lost and she have to decide what to do with her life. So she decides to move to Ireland to the castle her aunt left her. But in order to inherent the estate Tara have to live in the castle with two very good-looking man. In the end she has to choose which one will inherent the estate with her. Will she make right decision?

Book Blurb for You'll Always Have Tara

A spoiled Southern belle loses her lavish lifestyle—and finds an unexpected new beginning . . .

Tara Maxwell seems to have been born under a lucky star, enjoying a life of leisure in beautiful, historic Charleston, South Carolina. But luck, and family fortunes, have a way of running out. Suddenly Tara is left with only one place to turn—her late aunt’s country home in north-west Ireland. The catch: to claim her inheritance Tara must agree to live in Castle Tásúildun for three months. With two other potential heirs. And choose one to be co-owner of the estate.

Tara sees right through her aunt’s matchmaking scheme, and she’s not willing to share Castle Tásúildun with anyone. If charm doesn’t get rid of her rivals, she’ll find some other way to drive Aidan Gallagher and Rhys Burroughes away. But as God is her witness, both men are infernally stubborn. Aidan, once her carefree childhood friend, is now an army veteran desperate for the peace the castle offers. Rhys, a smooth-talking businessman, plans to preserve the ramshackle property by transforming it into a luxury hotel. Tara, for the first time, is realizing that frankly, she does give a damn—about others’ happiness as well as her own. But is she ready to open her home—not to mention her heart—to the possibility of an epic adventure?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.50