We Are Still Tornadoes

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We Are Still Tornadoes

“We Are Still Tornadoes” was great and positive surprise for me. When I started reading it I realized that it was written in epistolary form. This is not my favorite type of writing, but since I really liked the first few pages I decided to keep on reading. Now that I’ve finished it I’m not sorry that I continued. It is a magnificent story. It made me laugh and cry and I enjoyed the characters so much.

This is a fast paced story that follows the lives of Scott and Cath. We get one year in their lives; a post high-school graduation year. Scott and Cath are childhood friends and neighbors. Cath is smart and she is in collage while Scott works in his father’s store. Scott thinks he is an underachiever. Over the course of the story he changes a lot. Cath is a true friend and she helps Scott through some very rough times.

The story is written in dual POV and the whole plot is described through Scott and Cath’s letters. I think that the authors did an amazing job. There is a clear distinction between the two main characters voices and both of the characters are well developed.

Filled with pop culture references from the 1980s “We Are Still Tornadoes” is a funny and lovely story about growing up and finding oneself.

Book Blurb for We Are Still Tornadoes

Growing up across the street from each other, Scott and Cath have been best friends their entire lives. Cath would help Scott with his English homework, he would make her mix tapes (it's the 80's after all), and any fight they had would be forgotten over TV and cookies. But now they've graduated high school and Cath is off to college while Scott is at home pursuing his musical dreams.

During their first year apart, Scott and Cath's letters help them understand heartache, annoying roommates, family drama and the pressure to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. And through it all, they realize that the only person they want to turn to is each other. But does that mean they should be more than friends? The only thing that's clear is that change is an inescapable part of growing up. And the friends who help us navigate it share an unshakable bond.

Co-written by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen, We Are Still Tornaodes is a funny yet deeply moving book--set to an awesome 80's soundtrack--that captures all the beautiful confusion and emotional intensity we find on the verge of adulthood...and first love.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50