Romancing the Nerd

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Romancing the Nerd

Nerds, geeks, high school, finding who you are and where you belong are some of my favorite topics in YA novels. So it is not a surprise that I read this one.

Romancing the Nerd, goes beyond typical YA romance novel. In the forefront there is a romance between two former friends, separated by popularity, Dan Garrett and Zelda Potts. Besides that the story deals with questions of prejudices, bullying and parental pressures. The author combines all these things well and she brings and interesting and funny story to the readers.

Although the first few chapters were a bit slow, the story quickly pick up the paste and once things start rolling I was immersed in it. Each main character is unique in its own way. Both Zelda and Dan are three-dimensional and lovable. Still my heart went a bit more with Zelda, because she is an odd one out, but also because she realizes that some things are her own fault. The story is written in dual POV, and character voices are unique and easily recognizable.

Romancing the Nerd was fun to read. I enjoy it a lot. I recommend it to all readers who like stories featuring nerds, geeks, role playing and romance.


Dan and Zelda use to be friends, but now Dan is popular and Zelda is still clumsy. Due to some heavy prejudice toward Dan, Zelda decide to get revenge. But sometimes getting revenge can be counterproductive and the revenge can blow to your face, especially when you fell in love in the process.

Book Blurb for Romancing the Nerd

Dan Garrett has become exactly what he hates—popular. Until recently, he was just another live-action role-playing nerd on the lowest rung of the social ladder. Cue a massive growth spurt and an uncanny skill at taking three-point shots in basketball and voilà...Mr. Popular. It's definitely weird.

And the biggest drawback? Going from high school zero to basketball hero cost Dan the secret girl of his dorky dreams.

A band geek with an eclectic fashion sense, Zelda Potts's “coolness” stat is about minus forty-two. Dan turning his back on her and the rest of nerd-dom was brutal enough, but when he humiliates her at school, Zelda decides it's time for a little revenge—dork style. Never mind that she used to have a crush on him. Never mind that her plan could backfire big time.

It's time to roll the dice...and hope like freakin' hell she doesn't lose her heart in the process.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00