No Earls Allowed

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No Earls Allowed

The Survivors, #2

I had an opportunity to read the first book in the Survivors series and the moment I read it I became very eager to read the whole series. So it is no surprise that I was very happy when the second installment became available to review. I will not compare the two stories here. I will just say that the characters are unique and beautiful. If you haven’t read the first story, “Third Son's a Charm”, read it alongside this one. They are a perfect pair.

“No Earls Allowed” is very different from most historical romance novels I’ve read so far. I read a lot of them! It is different mostly because it doesn’t revolve around the ton, dances or recitals. The story takes place in the part of London where representatives of ton do not enter and where people are poor. It takes place in an orphanage full of lost and scared boys. Furthermore, our heroine Lady Juliana is probably the most strong-headed heroine I have ever met in a recent historical romance. Being head-strong might not be the best quality in a person. Besides being that she is also one the kindest and most independent heroines. Lady Juliana is so independent that she is not trying to be saved and she does not need a hero to help her resolve problems.

The story is marvelous! The connection between Major Neil Wraxall and Lady Juliana is instant, but due to their own reasons they do not act upon it. The relationship develops slowly, but there is constantly tension between them. Both characters are deeply wounded and tormented by their past and that makes them so lovable.

I enjoyed reading “No Earls Allowed” and I cannot wait for the third book in the series. If you love historical romances, Shana Galen’s “The Survivors” series is perfect for you.

The Story:

Major Neil Wraxall is sent by Lady Juliana's father to bring her back home. Lady Juliana in not in the trouble, but her father thinks that an orphanage is no place for a daughter of the Earl. Will Niel succeed or will he be smitten by the head strong Lady Juliana? Will he stay at the orphanage with her?

Book Blurb for No Earls Allowed

Neil Wraxall is one of a group of noble younger sons who met as soldiers and are now trying desperately to settle back into peaceful Society. When Neil is asked to help the Earl of St. Maur's daughter with a charity, Neil accepts, thinking it'll be easy.

Lady Juliana has no use for high society. She'srunning a home for orphaned boys. Juliana is grateful for Neil-until she realizes she can't stop thinking about him. She doesn't like the distraction and wants him gone. But when Juliana pushes a local crime lord too far, she'll need Neil more than ever before.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 5.00