Dreaming of Manderley

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Dreaming of Manderley

A Riches to Rags Tale, #1

I love Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca". I have read it and re-read it more than dozen times. I know some parts by heart. Also I saw the movie more than once. Actually "Rebecca" is my favorite book of all time. So I was a bit curious when I found that Leah Marie Brown's "Dreaming of Manderley" is based on "Rebecca". I start reading it with a great caution and hoping that it will be good as an original story. It would be a great disappointment for me if the story was bad. Luckily, Leah Marie Brown did a great job in reviving a story based on "Rebecca" and giving it a new fresh twist.

I was hooked from the first page partly due to my own curiosity, partly because the author writing is amazing. She manages to keep the story very intense both in the sense of the romance and mystery. The plot line is very similar to the one from Daphne’ Du Maurirer’s "Rebecca"; there are even few references to the movie Rebecca in the book. On the other hand the author inserted a few twists and turns of her own, so the story does not follow the original one to the letter, which is absolutely great.

The characters are magnificent and complex. Xavier is mysterious and absolutely gorgeous, but he also has something very dark in him. Manderley seems naïve but she is a very clever and resourceful young woman. Although it does not seem like that, they are perfect fit.

I really enjoyed reading this story and I highly recommend it. This is the first story in the series about the Maxwell sisters and I cannot wait to read the second and third instalment in the series.


After a death of her beloved father and aunt Manderley works as a PA to her best friend. Since her friend was nominated for Palme d'Or they are in Cannes. There she meets the beautiful and very mysterious Xavier de Maloret. As they spend more time together she starts to fall in love with him. But Xavier has a big secret. Will this secret tear them apart or bring them closer together?

Book Blurb for Dreaming of Manderley

Going from old money to no money, the three Maxwell sisters’ lives are about to change drastically. Now, one by one, each must blaze her own trail to happily-ever-after . . .

Manderley Maxwell has always been the dependable, hard-working one while her younger sisters live A-list lives, courtesy of their family fortune . . . until it’s suddenly lost, leaving behind a truckload of debt! Now Mandy is faced with two choices: play perpetual caretaker to her spoiled siblings, or finally break out of her predictable routine—by way of France . . .

When Mandy’s boss relocates for the summer, Mandy is really just trading in coffee runs for running errands through the streets of Cannes—until handsome, debonair Girard Fortune Xavier de Maloret sweeps her off her feet—by saving her from falling off a cliff. Mandy’s walking on air—except that she’s living in the chic shadow of the first Madame de Maloret, complete with whispers about the suddenly secretive Xavier’s part in her disappearance. Again, Mandy has two choices: be the unfortunate, duped American—or the gutsy, fierce woman who’ll track down the truth in the name of true love . . .

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.50