What Are Friends For?

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What Are Friends For?

This is a perfect story for those of us romantics that believe that love can be found close to home.   Dooley and Cass have been friends since childhood when they performed a blood pact to always be there for one another, and since that day, they have always been close and confided in each other exclusively. As they grow up they remain close but also begin their separate lives as young adults trying to make it in the world after college.   All is going smoothly and uneventful when Dooley receives an emergency call from Cass. Arriving at her apartment, Cass confides in Dooley that she has become pregnant by her boyfriend and upon telling him about the pregnancy, the boyfriend left town without acknowledging the baby as his.

Distraught and overwhelmed by the prospect of being a single mother, Cass is falling apart when Dooley comes up with a perfect plan that will solve both their predicaments. Cass cannot believe what Dooley is proposing; in fact she even rejects the idea as crazy until Dooley explains the simplicity of how his proposal of marriage will benefit them both until the time they can get an annulment or divorce after a year of marriage.   Neither really comprehends the intensity and chemistry that sparks between them, seeing each other as friends only, even as family, the electricity that pulls them together is quite unnerving. Until the day that everything changes between them.

Definitely a page turner you will not be able to put down. You cannot help buy root for both Cass and Dooley to find the true love that has been waiting within themselves all of their lives.   Helpless romantics beware; this one is a keeper that will remain with you for a long time.

Book Blurb for What Are Friends For?

Contemporary Champagne Rosebud

Page Count: 202

When Thomas James Dooley, the quintessential knight errant, learns his best friend Cass Vojek is pregnant, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her reputation. Proposing a celibate marriage isn’t a sacrifice but a necessary solution.

Believing marriage will help Dooley obtain a coveted position at work, heartbroken Cass agrees. But once their vows are spoken, she begins to see the man her childhood playmate has become. For Dooley, living with Cass awakens unimagined desire. Celibacy becomes an exercise in torture. A forbidden night of passion changes everything, and the pair find themselves thrown into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions.

On the brink of turning their pretend marriage into a true one, the unexpected arrival of the baby’s father not only threatens their relationship but also the very foundation of their life-long friendship. Challenged by complications, Cass and Dooley must discover the ultimate answer to, what are friends for?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00