The Devilish Montague

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The Devilish Montague

The Rebellious Sons, #1

This is the second novel in Patricia Rice's, The Rebellious Sons, series and she is back with a bang. Lord Blake Montague wants to return to the frontlines to accomplish his decipherment of a code that may save many lives, however, the War Office will not have him back after his latest injuries without his colors, and colors cost money.

Montague's friend, the War Secretary Lord Caslereagh, reminds him that he can solve his family's expectations of his being married and the money a bride would bring to his need. However, is the self-preserved and emotionally removed Montague ever going to agree to a marriage of convenience to any woman he sees as an anchor?

Miss Jocelyn Byrd-Carrington is not your run of the mill ton girl. She is strong willed, caring, protective, self-assured, and stubborn and she has a plan that will help her and the Devilish Montague.

A marriage of convenience is proposed and accepted on both their parts and thus begins the mayhem and fireworks. However, there is a sinister evil lurking in the background as the events unfold between these two strong willed and driven lovers. Throughout the development of the story, each brings their own baggage to the romance emerging between them, but they each must overcome their fears before they can open up to the possibility of true love.

You will learn more about Miss Jocelyn's mother and brother than you would ever guess in secondary characters, as well as a parrot who seems to have the gift of gab, no matter how obscene its language may be, this offensive parrot may hold the key to a secret greater than they may realize.

You get perfectly characteristics of Autism spectrum and other mental illnesses as well as historical clarity about expectations and requirements in the period of the French War with England. If you love your history with a lot of escalating romance and sexual tension, this one is a must read.

Book Blurb for The Devilish Montague

All Blake Montague wants is to save Europe from a tyrant. But as the penniless youngest son of a baron, he needs a marriage of convenience to provide the money he requires for a military commission. Then he meets a blonde beauty who can fulfill all his needs-especially those satisfied by a wife...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00