Starlight & Promises

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Starlight & Promises

Young, adventurous and hard headed, is the best way to describe our heroine in this tale of discovery and adventure across the world. Samantha is her name and she is putting together an expedition for her uncle whom during his latest expedition has sent word that he has just found a living Smilodon (10,000 year extinct saber-tooth tiger) in an uncharted island on the other side of the world.

Christian Badia is a retired world known zoologist who is unaware that his assistant has just set him up with an appointment to meet the ever careless and free-minded Samantha. Reluctantly, Christian takes Sam up on her offer to join the expedition and in doing so; Christian realizes that he has signed up for more problems than he had ever planned for. With Sam at the center of all of his problems and growing emotions Christian must protect Sam from her own impulses before she gets herself killed in the process of trying to find her uncle.

Betrayal, double-cross, avarice, power, love, family loyalty and world recognition among the scientific community of the time, is what drives these very real characters to their decisions.  A series of fortunate and unfortunate events take you on an incredible whirlwind ride through the expedition to find Sam’s missing uncle and in the end, the fabled Smilodon. Lovers of historical and romantic thrillers that do not follow the usual formula will drink in the uneven plot and unexpected turn of events. This story promises to take you on an exciting ride and in this latest story, the author Cat Lindler, does not disappoint her readers.

Book Blurb for Starlight & Promises

In 1891, during a voyage to the uncharted isle in the Furneaux Islands near Tasmania, the sixth Earl of Stanbury discovers a saber-toothed tiger thought to have been extinct for more than 10,000 years—a find that will astonish the world and bring great acclaim if he is able to return to England. Learning of the earl’s suspicious disappearance, Lady Samantha enlists the assistance of professor Christian Badia—a noted zoologist and tracker specializing in wild cats who, unbeknownst to Lady Samantha, has a dark past—to join her in a dangerous expedition to rescue her uncle. Despite knowing his notorious reputation as a recluse, Lady Samantha finds herself drawn into a world of physical passion with the enigmatic man she becomes convinced is her soul mate. When the professor embarks on his own treacherous assignment, Lady Samantha fears she may forever lose her newfound love. Unable to simply stand by, Lady Samantha launches her own investigation at great peril to herself.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.25