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The story behind this unlikely pair is irritating` and often frustrating as each of the main characters are stubborn and passionate in their own right. Even though they both make you want to scream frequently, you will find it incredibly difficult not to love them and impossible to put this book down.

Marcus lost his parents to a vicious pirate attack when he was a toddler, since then he has lived his life at sea working his way up from being a cabin boy. Presently, in this tale of intrigue, our Marcus is now Captain Marcus of the ship called the Serenade.

Grace is running away from an arranged marriage to a cousin she does not love, which to her is a fate worse than death. Her uncle has decided it is time for Grace to marry so he can acquire her inheritance and manage it for himself. Grace has other ideas about her future so she tries to book passage on any ship headed for Spain to meet with the man who is in charge of her inheritance. However being a single un-chaperoned woman, she runs into rejection after rejection from every ship captain in port. Grace in a last desperate attempt to be on the last ship leaving port that night, decides to stow away on the Serenade, her last chance for “safe” passage away from her arranged marriage.

I highly recommend this adventurous tale of travel across the dangerous oceans and seas as well as the travel amongst the “hoity toity” society constraints of the historical time period. I found SERENADE to be a fun easy read and I cannot wait to see if the author, Erin Grace, tells us about the love story brewing between Victoria, Grace’s cousin, and Ethan Vale, Marcus’ best friend from childhood. I will definitely be looking out for future books by this author to add to my personal historical romance library.

Book Blurb for Serenade

Genre: Romance/Historical
Length: Novel
Grace is plotting a course for unknown territory.
When young Grace Hathaway decides to escape from the threat of marriage to a horrible man, she takes her fate into her own hands, stowing away on the Serenade with the aim of sailing to Spain.
Captain Marcus James is haunted by a violent past he can barely remember except in the dark murky sea of his dreams. Competition with government traders has seen him take on illegal hidden goods, just to keep The Serenade and her crew afloat. The last thing he needs is undue attention from the wrong quarters, and the last thing he expects to find is Grace.
Facing stormy seas, bloody battles with pirates and a sizzling romance, will Grace and Marcus find a port of call?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.75