Reckless Love

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Reckless Love

Katherine Percy gets cold feet on her wedding day and spontaneously makes a run for it…as she escapes her past she does not realize what she is running towards, but she feels her freedom and cannot get enough.

Normally I would frown upon any character that runs out last minute from their wedding day, but under the circumstances, Katherine’s life seems to be run by her domineering mother and chauvinistic/self-centered father. She is expected to live her life by the rules of the society in which she has been raised, however, upon learning of her illegitimate brother’s existence, Katherine decides she needs to begin living her own rules.

Lost and without a plan, Katherine finds herself en route to the city where her brother is living; Las Vegas. Without knowing how he will receive her, she embarks on the only adventure of her life. Once she arrives the very first person she meets is her brother’s neighbor Patrick Snow, who she finds to be her walking and talking fantasy. However, things get complicated as Patrick is also in business with her brother and it would not be a good idea to begin something which might end badly and affect the business partnership.

Lots of personal growth and mending of relationships occurs in this selection. The characters and events will keep you wanting to read more as things escalate and become dangerous to all involved. I look forward to reading more by this author in the future and meet the characters that she has yet to create. 

Book Blurb for Reckless Love

On Katherine Percy's wedding day, she realizes she has been living the safe life dictated by her parents and the expectations of everyone around her. But the perfection they worship is all a lie, believed by all in exchange for the safe comforts of money. Katherine realizes the tradeoff is more than she is willing to give for that sense of safety.

Is safety really all that important?

Katherine leaves her life behind, becoming Kat Percy, a woman dedicated to living a life unconscious of societies dictating safe ways. She goes to the ultimate city of unsafe living, Las Vegas, and pursues her new life dedicated to giving herself exactly what she wants. What she wants is Patrick Snow. She finds more there than she ever bargained for, the ultimate unsafe pursuit, love. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.25