Pirate's Wench

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Pirate's Wench

After Sarah makes a wish to a River Goddess while on a vacation with her friends, she finds herself on a pirate ship with the sexy Captain William Drake just as she wished. Thinking she is only dreaming at first, she follows along with the incredible attraction and chemistry between them and an amazing love story begins.

Captain Drake understands that Sarah is from another time but he believes that she is locked in his time and will not ever be able to return to her own time. As their feelings become more intense and real, Captain Drake must make a decision to acknowledge his love for Sarah. As Captain Drake is making arrangements to set up the perfect romantic setting to ask Sarah for her hand in marriage, malicious forces in the embodiment of Captain Stewart are taking aim at the happiness of this unlikely couple.
After a heartbreaking abduction and rescue the reader is left to think all will be well with the world of Sarah and William, but the heartbreak is only beginning in this excellent twist of a common romantic pirate tale. I guarantee you will think of this book for a long time after you have put it down. Kudos to Myra Nour for coming up with a timeless tale of love that is eternal.
Reviewed by: Lydia Ferrari 

Book Blurb for Pirate's Wench

William is captivated by Sarah's beauty from the moment he discovers her aboard a ship he has pirated. Her joy and expertise in sex thrills his body, while her sweet personality wins his heart.

He knows though, that Sarah holds some secret from him. William has his own secret and waits patiently for her to open up. As time passes he falls in love with the lovely mystery woman and plans to ask her hand in marriage. But will Sarah agree to marry a pirate?

All Sarah wanted was a few exciting days with a real pirate. A ridiculous idea for a modern woman. Not so, when the River Goddess grants her wish. Sarah finds that Captain William Drake is a handsome rascal with fighting skills that set her heart racing, while his sensual abilities set her blood aflame.

Sarah is kidnapped by the savage Captain Stewart, who revels in rape and brutality. When William rescues her after a deadly battle with her abductor, Sarah starts falling in love with him. Now she wonders when the adventure is over, can she live without the handsome Captain?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.25