One Night at the Beach

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you from afar in a loving watchful manner waiting for the perfect moment to let you know how he really feels? If so, this one is for you!!! Moonlight reflecting on the ocean, wistful waves and long reflective walks take a young woman traveling through a transition period in her life, right into the arms of the man who has loved her all along.

Andi has just come back into town, but has not gone to see any of her old friends because she feels they will not want to see her anymore after the way she acted when she saw them last. You see, When Andi left town she was in a relationship that cut her off from her friends, a toxic relationship she could not get out of until recently. Now that she is single again, the only comfort she can find comes from the long walks she takes along the beach at night; remembering all of her lost friends, youth and happier times.

Sam cannot believe it when he spots Andi walking along the beach one night from his beach house window. He has been watching her for days now wondering when she will decide to make an attempt to see her old friends. Of Course she does not know that he is now well off and lives on the beach in an ocean front house, but she has not attempted to see any of her old friends and Sam understands that she needs time to strengthen her courage to do so.until the one night he can wait no longer and reaches out to her.

Once best friends, Andi and Sam must find a way to put the past hurts behind them and learn to see that the future is right in front of them. A heartwarming tale of unrequited love, forgiveness of others and yourself, as well as second chances complete this tale of two souls that make a choice to finally see the love that was there all along.

Book Blurb for One Night at the Beach

A rejuvenating moonlit stroll into passion, love and reunion.

After a bad break-up, Andi sets off to find herself, only to come across the one man whose opinions and friendship had mattered most in the past—if only she hadn’t destroyed their relationship from their last meeting.

Sam has waited years for Andi to come back to him. She was his best friend, his love, but he’d never told her how deep his feelings ran, until their paths crossed once again on a moonlit beach. Will the chemistry between them be enough to overcome the reason they parted in the first place?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.25