Merely Magic

Magic Series, #1

This period piece is wrapped up in a time where people believed in superstition, evil, magic, fear and hidden secrets. Enter our town witch who happens to be the most beautiful witch you would ever want to meet, and she is a truly genuine person to boot. After the death of her grandmother, she is left alone to take care of the medical needs of the very people who keep her out of their village and lives.

Yes, Ninian Malcolm Siddons lives alone outside the village of Wystan in her private cottage and she is very happy there, but occasionally she gets very lonely for the human sharing and warmth only a village of people can offer. For now, Ninian is the healer that everyone shies away from because of her family’s reputation for being witches.

Lord Earl Drogo Ives has a cold heart that is not interested in magic, superstitions or legends tied to the castle he now has inherited. All he is interested is escaping to the country where the society women who are searching for a husband will not find him and he can dedicate his time to his true interest which is astronomy. One night during the feast of Beltane, Drogo finds himself saving Ninian from an overzealous admirer, and like two magnets, their attraction begins to grow towards each other.

Throughout the story, we learn of Lord Drogo Ives’ animosity towards women and his belief that they lack intelligence and are only useful for one thing…his temporary pleasure; that is, until he meets the addictive, intelligent and enticing Ninian.

This was definitely a book that I found difficulty putting down. I wanted to keep reading on just a little more each time as turn of events polish the characters and make the reader feel as if we are truly there partaking of the chaos and madness. A fun read and lots of characters that are endearing which I hope to meet again in a future release in the near future I hope. I have become a fan in one week, thanks for the fun tale. 

Book Blurb for Merely Magic

Patricia Rice's Magic series is classic, with each book a bestseller. Casablanca Classics is re-launching the series, following two families-one steeped in logic and science, the other in magic-and the unlikely romances that happen when they get together.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75