Book five in The Sentinels Series

If you are looking for a quickie pick me up, then look no further as Desiree Holt is the queen of fun, to the point where her erotic tales still manage to keep your attention even after the “hot spots” occur between the leading characters. First we are introduced to Cale Martin who is asked to assist The Sentinels in investigating the disappearance of Linnea Porter’s sister. When Cale agreed to this job, little did he know that he would be discovering a lot more than he bargained for.

Cale had been warned that Linnea knew of their shape shifter abilities and he had learned from her friend who was currently married to another sentinel, that Linnea was fascinated by the sentinel’s unique secret lives. Linnea Porter is very worried about her sister and has called in a favor through a close friend, for the assistance of the sentinels in helping her find her missing sister. Upon meeting Cale at her home, Linnea is grateful for his assistance, however, she quickly realizes that there is a silent but strong connection between herself and Cale that she must explore further. Cale is also more than willing to investigate the affect that Linnea has on his inner wolf as well as the man he is on the outside.

As Cale and Linnea search for her sister, they cannot help but growing in their attachment and calling for each other. Cale knows that human women are rarely found to be mates for sentinel males, except for those chosen few women that are truly their one and only mate for life. Can Cale and Linnea find each other as they search for Linnea’s sister, or will they get lost in the turmoil and suspense of their search? Read on and discover for yourself why Desiree Holt is an author you will be hearing of for many years to come… 

Book Blurb for Mated

Paranormal/ Werewolf

Cale Martin knew at once Linnea Porter was his mate, but could he convince her in the midst of turmoil?

When The Sentinels agreed to look into the disappearance of Linnea Porter’s sister, Cale Martin was tagged as the lead. He didn’t know what he expected the first night he showed up at Linnea’s, but a surge of lust wasn’t on his list. Nor did he expect his inner wolf to reach out to her.

For Linnea, fascinated by shapeshifters, Cale called to something primitive inside her. As they focused on finding her sister, the bond between them continued to grow. Was it possible that this shifter and this human were meant to be…mated? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00