Making the Hook-Up

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Making the Hook-Up

Edgy Sex with Soul

Hot, sexy and provocative, this anthology will have you begging for more. From the very beginning you will be taken to a time and place where passion knows no bounds or limits. This anthology of 18 hot and erotic tales will be a hard one to put down.

An assortment of authors promises and delivers a new and refreshing tale in each story the reader begins. Focusing on African American characters and sexuality, as a reader, I found myself putting myself in the characters experiences and emotions. A perfect read for any consenting adult of any nationality and color.

Using settings from all over the world, the reader also finds the thrill of travel as well as sexual intrigue in each of these scintillating tales of sexual exploration. As a collection of stories edited by Cole Riley, the reader will discover that they are not to be disappointed as soon as they finish the first short story, this collection is that good.

I will be looking forward to more anthology collections by Cole Riley in the future, as well as the many talented authors highlighted in this book. Try it, reading any short story of the 18 included here, and you will be hooked, guaranteed.

Book Blurb for Making the Hook-Up

Making the Hook-Up heats up the pages with characters from every walk of life who get in where they fit in. With African American erotica that brings an urban edge to sweet kink, Cole Riley has collected a sensational, authentic set of stories that revel in all the richness and variety of black men and black women's sexuality. Well-written, passionate, and provocative, this one-of-a-kind anthology is a feast for the senses and a treat for the soul. Cole Riley holds no bounds in this book of bold black erotica, with stories as creative as the soulful simmer of Nina Simone, as urgent as the barely concealed bite of bluesman John Lee Hooker, and as innovative as the muted moans of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.00