Just Watch Me

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Just Watch Me

You get quick, short and adventurous tales in this anthology of erotica. It will keep you wondering if these things really can happen. Even though I do not recommend this book to the weak of heart or weak in adventurous tales, I would highly recommend it to women who want to play outside of their safe sexuality boxes. Thinking outside the box in an adventuresome way is the best description for this compilation of erotica. If nothing else, by reading this book, the reader has a safe way to ask the questions they may have and the freedom to wonder, “why not me”.

The tales are short and sure to keep you thinking of the characters for a long time after you have put down this book. Strong, savvy, smart, artistic and attentive lovers abound, but feelings and romance are left aside for other authors to undertake, as these characters are moving in a dance of need, awareness and sexuality that is not found in any other romance book.

You can safely live out your personal fantasies, and I guarantee that at least one of them will be represented in this book, while you live precariously through the eyes and body of the characters. The writing is so explicative that the reader cannot help but feel they are in the scene that they are reading, either as an observer or otherwise. If you are ready for a change from romance novels or to heat things up for a while, try this one out, but make sure you have an afternoon void of distractions and interruptions to enjoy the ride.

Book Blurb for Just Watch Me

Arousing Bedside Reading

Violet Blue, quickly becoming the 21st century's leading sex educator, recommends reading Just Watch Me nice and slow so every outrageous scenario can be savored. She judiciously handpicked these sizzling stories from her Best Women's Erotica series. Intended as inspiration for bedroom adventures, this heady collection of erotica stories is filled with scintillating, relatable encounters.

Elizabeth Coldwell's "Heat" describes the fierce affair between a barmaid and her brutish boss, a man she doesn't even like but who sets her heart pounding. In "Spike," Rachel Kramer Bussel gives us turn-ons of a different kind, when a young goth girl shows a pushy "man's man" who wears not just the pants, but the spike-heeled shoes. Once again, Blue has compiled a book that is both sexy and surprising and as literary as it is libidinous.

With stories by Cate Robertson, Sydney Beier, Saskia Walker, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Geneva King, K.L. Gillespie, Donna George Storey, Bonnie Dee, Jean Roberta, Elizabeth Coldwell, Alicia Wag, Eva Hore, Jordana Winters, Magenta Brown, Teresa Lamai, Lee Skinner, Adrie Santos, L.E. Yates, Emerald, and Alison Tyler.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00