Hot Stories for Cold Nights

All-New Erotic Tales to Bring the Heat Between the Sheets

In this anthology of short stories by Joan Lloyd, the reader will find themselves in the center of a storm of fantasies that are short enough to read in five to ten minutes each. Each story introduces the characters briefly before the fantasy begins. Out of these 30 erotically enticing scenes, 10 are one tale broken down into smaller parts. No matter what type of erotica the reader may have read before, this compilation is unique in its presentation and brevity as it takes us on a buffet of diverse appetizing fantasies to discover.

Lloyd opens up the world of ménage trios, internet sexual fantasies, mythical creatures and even fantasies from a man’s perspective. The snippets of stories are also written in a manner to leave the possible continuation and various endings up to the whim of the person reading them.

Even though this collection of fantasies are not as developed or detailed as other stories by romance and erotic authors I have read in the past, I still found the quick and to the point writing refreshing. Since this anthology is written for couples, anyone that may be looking for new ideas to try out in order to spice up their own intimate personal relationships will find this book to be a hidden treasure chest of pleasurable tricks to try on any night and not just cold ones.

Book Blurb for Hot Stories for Cold Nights

From the queen of the naughty bedtime story, an anthology of all-new erotic stories written especially for couples.
With Bawdy Bedtime Stories, Joan Elizabeth Lloyd offered sexy tales to keep fans awake-and aroused- long after dark. Now she presents all-new sizzling stories guaranteed to make readers hot...

A woman asks the Gods to fashion a magical object- a tempting tool that will provide her with infinite rapture. But some pleasures are not so easy to give up.

When a couple realizes that their lovemaking is being watched by a voyeur, they take the opportunity to put on the best show they can in an exhibition of pure ecstasy.

After a curious couple discover their neighbors' great sex life, they find out that watching can be fun-but doing is so much better... A man dies and discovers a heaven filled with willing, wanton women. But he soon discovers that sex without caring, without challenge, is not the paradise he'd imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.00