A Lady's Pleasure

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A Lady's Pleasure

Lilith Laughton has been a widow for a while now. After an uneventful, boring, arranged marriage, she is quite at peace with her single life and not having to follow the rules of a husband. Being still quite beautiful and desirable, she does her best to cover up her assets and not bring any mans’ attention to her as she never wishes to be under another man’s control again.

The Duke of Carlisle upon overhearing Lilith secretly speaking of her disguise with her best friend, the Countess of Brentwood, takes it upon himself to discover more about the secretive and evasive Lilith. So the hunt begins as the Duke, Richard, tries to convince the stubborn and reticent Lily to trust in his ability to give her pleasure and give him the consideration of marriage.

Fun, fun, and more fun as the cat and mouse chase is on. I enjoyed the storyline because even though it is a historical romance, Lily has discovered her independence and is unwilling to even consider letting it go by giving herself in marriage to another man. It is exciting to see how Richard finds new and exciting ways to sway Lily’s mind to the possibility of a happy and pleasurable marriage to him with lots of love, openness and friendship; things she never had before.

I look forward to reading more from this author. Jolie Cain has found herself a new fan as I enjoyed the freshness of her fun spirited characters who kept me coming back for more. I will enjoy recommending this one to my friends. 

Book Blurb for A Lady's Pleasure

Lilith Laughton, Lady Morely, is quite content being a well-to-do widow. After a miserable marriage, she sees no reason to ever wed again. She does her best not to call attention to herself, living her life quietly in the country and avoiding anyone who might disrupt the peaceful life she has created for herself. When her good friends the Earl and Countess of Brentwood invite her to a house party, she goes so far as to disguise herself as a frumpish dowd to keep from attracting attention.

Her masquerade doesn’t fool the Duke of Carlisle, however. It just so happens that the handsome and wealthy duke is finally looking for a wife, but the twittering debutantes of the ton hold no interest for him. No, he wants someone more interesting with whom to link himself for the rest of his life. And Lily seems like the perfect choice. But what can he do to convince Lily that marriage to him would offer her more than she could imagine? The wily duke decides he must teach Lily all about the pleasure a lady can find with the right man in order to change her mind and win her heart. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.25