The Sweet One

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The Sweet One

The Sweet One is a touching love story between Micah, an understated man who, from birth, has been destined for one thing…Noah. Noah has spent his entire existence overseeing his charges, watching their lives, reporting back to the Almighty, letting Him know their actions and guiding them into their afterlife, wherever that might be. But all rules fly out the window one fateful day when Micah’s life is endangered. Noah’s instincts kick in and, by saving Micah, he sets a series of events in motion that pits obligation against true love.

In her novella, Andi Anderson, remains true to her two main characters by portraying their love as pure and genuine. This is not a story of action and intrigue, but rather an exploration of the power of love. While the story is not religious, Ms. Anderson’s choice to include an angel as one of the main love interests and making frequent references to God infuses a spiritual aspect to this tale.

Even the names she has chosen highlight the spirituality of the story. Micah, meaning “who resembles God” is pure and loving. One of the meanings of the name Noah is “peaceful”. True to these definitions, the story portrays love as spiritual and peaceful. Even the sex is loving and filled with emotion as opposed to raw and slightly dirty.

The strengths of this story are also its weaknesses. While Ms. Anderson portrays a story that is both tender and thought-provoking, she does not deliver a gripping plot line. Instead, it serves as a painting of love using words as her paints. The feelings evoked in the tale are far stronger than the story line itself.

There are a few technical aspects to The Sweet One which can distract from the overall story as well. There is a great deal of telling instead of showing, although there are moments where Ms. Anderson’s descriptions are exquisite. Additionally, she repeats some of the characteristics of her characters a few times, such as how the eyes glow from within. This repetitiveness, along with the telling and a few instances of POV glitches do not take away from the overall message, however.

All in all, this book is a unique and interesting approach to examining love. It’s not a grip your seat page turner, but as a novella of 56 pages, it is well worth the read.

Book Blurb for The Sweet One

Since the beginning of time Noah has guarded over many souls. He has always followed the number one rule. Never get emotionally attached to the souls he watches over. Noah has easily followed the rule, until his Sweet One was born. The minute Micah Thompson was took his first breath; Noah felt an emotional connection with him that he has never felt before.

Throughout Micah’s childhood and early teenaged years, Noah would briefly show himself and comfort Micah whenever he needed a friend or had a bad day. Noah’s soothing presence always made Micah feel better. When Noah decides Micah has gotten too attached to him, so he never appeared to Micah again, but has always watched over him and loved him from afar.

Micah is now a popular kindergarten teacher. He’s had few relationships because he always compares them to his Angel he saw as a child. This changes on the day his Angel interferes with Micah’s destiny and it changes both of their lives forever.

Please Note: This is a re-edited second edition. No other changes have been made besides edits.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.00