The Elevator Mechanic

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The Elevator Mechanic

Workplace Encounters, Book One

The Elevator Mechanic is a story which portrays the journey two men take as they open their hearts to accept love into their lives. Joe Taylor is an understated man with a past that has caused him to seek stability and to steer clear of any form of rejection of confrontation. Bill Evans is a man who wants to start up his own fitness center and to be his own boss. Both men are afraid to make connections that last beyond a one-night-stand, but all of that changes one Friday night when they meet up at the same gay club Explosion.

In this story, Serena Yates portrays the emotions of these two men as they struggle with their inner demons and slowly heal as they each bring out something that is missing in the other. As a lover of character driven plots, I found this story to be heartwarming. I appreciated that Ms. Yates selected to focus on the main characters and how their relationship evolved over the course of the book rather than plugging the love and sex into an action packet plot line.

With that being said, I found the prose to do a lot more telling than showing. Where emotions ran high, I found that the characters were telling me how they were feeling and thinking their insecurities rather than allowing the emotions to come through in the natural flow of the story itself.

Throughout the story, Ms. Yates made references to Joe’s past which included a father who landed in prison when Joe was 10 and he allusion to possible sexual abuse, although it is never explicitly stated. The scars from Joe’s past lend themselves to making him a complex character and I would have enjoyed learning more about his history and how that history affected his present. It would have made his journey more poignant and emotional for me to have seen exactly what he had to overcome in order to accept love into his life.

The sex scenes were a joy to read, creative and exploratory. I always love when an author can infuse both physical eroticism with the feelings and emotions of two people who are in love or who are falling in love. Ms. Yates does this extremely well.

Overall, the story was a pleasant read. There was room for the story to have dug a bit deeper in terms of developing the characters and their emotions, but overall, I found the story easy to read, the flow just right, and the sincerity of the author’s love for her characters obvious.

While I have read other stories by Serena Yates which I feel have achieved everything I state here, plus the things that this story didn’t achieve as well (in particular Eye of Scota: Cinaed), this book was a fun read.

Book Blurb for The Elevator Mechanic

Joe Taylor isn't interested in anything beyond casual sex - until he meets Bill Evans.

Joe is a quiet elevator installer who longs for a more stable life than having to change work sites and teams all the time. He doesn't want a relationship, though. When he runs into Bill Evans, his priorities begin to change.

Bill is about to open his own fitness center at the new super mall north-east of Philadelphia where Joe currently works. The two men are immediately attracted to each other, and when they meet again at a gay club at the end of the work week, the sparks fly. Bill suggests a casual arrangement for weekend sex, which suits Joe initially.

But when the sex gets hotter by the weekend, and Joe begins to be attracted to Bill beyond the physical, will they be able to make a relationship work? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.50