Crisis in Faith

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Crisis in Faith

Crisis in Faith, A Dreamspinner Press Day Dream is a story about a vampire who is faced with the same decision we are all faced with at one point or another in our lives. What direction will my life take? Vampirism may have finally become a curable disease. Known as a viral infection which alters human DNA into something stronger, more lasting. When a vampire scientist announces he may have found a cure to the virus, all vampires are faced with a choice…one that will solidify their life paths.

Luc spends the evening of this story struggling with the decision he must make. Does he continue to live as a vampire, surrounded by love, yet living a life he hadn’t chosen for himself, or does he return to being human, mortal but returned to the path he had been on all along.

I am personally partial to paranormal/fantasy stories, so this Day Dream held particular interest for me. I have also toyed with the idea of vampirism being a viral infection, so the author’s choice to create the rules of her paranormal world also enticed me. Finally, the story line, searching for one’s true identity, contains the kind of character driven plot which I favor over action driven plots. With that being said, I still found the story to be filled with intensity and depth, despite my natural tendencies to enjoy the story for its content and style.

In 37 pages, Jana Denardo has managed to create characters with depth of emotion. She has infused complexity into the scenario each character is faced with and provides a emotionally charged topic to serve as the source of conflict. The central question, who am I, serves as the driving force which propels the story and we get to see inside the heads of various characters and realize how one person’s decisions has a direct impact on so many others.

Pulling together a relevant and meaningful theme with characters who struggle in believable ways, made this story a wonderful short read. Tie into it the moral lessons and the messages of hope, and I recommend this story as an enjoyable read worth the time and money.

One thing which Ms. Denardo could have included more of was sex. In particular, she mentions that both Luc and Arri, the two main love interest characters, are bisexual, however, the only love scene occurs between the two men. Had the story been longer, I think that the bisexuality of both characters would have added a dimension to the story which would have been interesting to read. Given the length of this story, the extra bit of information did nothing to propel the story. The actual love scene seemed tacked on at the end and, although I loved the emotional development of the characters and felt their love for each other, the heat between them wasn’t as fully developed and the sex didn’t satisfy me needs. I would have been just as happy if the story had ended without them having sex.

All in all, Crisis in Faith is a story about just that; a person in crisis who needs to dig deep to figure out the course he needs to take. 

Book Blurb for Crisis in Faith

Turned against his will, newly made vampire Luc is still adjusting to his condition with the help of his lover, Arrigo. Hoping the Christmas holidays will lift his spirits, Luc is stunned when an even more ancient vampire brings news of a possible cure that might restore his humanity. But Arrigo has no interest in giving up immortality, leaving Luc with a decision that could tear the two of them apart.

Length: Short story
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal, Holiday 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 3.75