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Mother Earth, Book 3

Convergence by Ally Blue is the third book of the Mother Earth series. I haven’t read the first two books, so I can tell you with all confidence, this book works beautifully as a standalone. With that said, I am looking forward to gain back and reading the first two books as soon as possible.

In this book, we meet Lynx, the member of the Carwin pack. Pack life is one where the pack brothers live and love as one. The pack mentality is what helps them to survive. Lynx, however, is broken. While he loves his pack brothers, the absence of the true love of his life, Rabbit, has left Lynx hollow.

When Lynx goes on an expedition to search the dangerous lands outside the pack home, a place called the Char, Lynx is captured by a group of nomads called the Brass, and brought to an underground community as a slave. What could have turned out to be the greatest tragedy of Lynx’s life turns out to be something of a blessing in disguise. No sooner does Lynx arrive at the underground community, when he realizes that Rabbit, presumed dead, is in fact alive and had been living as a slave in the underground community for the past 7 years.

At first, Lynx is tormented, the man he’d once loved, somehow changed, less brother and more tamed; like an actual slave. But soon, Lynx is able to see that all he had believed about the people living in this underground community, appropriately called groundhogs, was untrue. The real enemy was the Brass.

Slowly, while Lynx works through the complexity of his emotions and feelings, he and Rabbit slowly begin to find one another again, but instead of bringing Rabbit back to his former self, Lynx somehow changes as well and meets Rabbit half way. When the brass form a plan which jeopardized both the pack and the groundhogs, Lynx is torn between loyalty to the family of brothers he’s known his whole life and these new friends who were innocent and victimized.

True to form, Ms. Blue has created a world rich and detailed, filled with its own nuances. The three different groups of people, the pack, the groundhogs, and the Brass, are well-fleshed out and create a scenario ripe with conflict. Furthermore, the two main protagonists, Lynx and Rabbit, undergo beautiful changes, subtle yet powerful, slowly rediscovering themselves and each other. The story is also filled with action-packed tension as the groundhogs and the pack work together to fight the Brass.

What I loved most about this story, however, was the slow and languorous evolution of Lynx’s transformation. He begins the story with a purely pack mentality and, through his journey, comes to understand that his views had been narrow and limited. Through his reconnection with Rabbit and his time underground with the groundhogs, Lynx comes to understand that there is more than simply brotherhood which can hole people together. He begins to see beneath the surface of the people in a different world from his own, and realizes there are far more similarities than differences.

The pace of the story was a bit slow at first as the characters and the worlds were developed, but once the action took hold, the pace flew towards a powerful climax. Needless to say, the sex was evocative, sensual, and romantic with just the right amount of heat to stimulate all the senses. But anyone who’s read any of Ms. Blue’s work knows she is a master at portraying deep emotions within scalding hot scenes.

Well done Ms. Blue.

Book Blurb for Convergence

No one survives unchanged.

When the Carwin Tribe Pack lost Rabbit, a little bit of Lynx died along with his Brother. Their feelings went far beyond the Pack bond. The ensuing years have never erased his sorrow, only dulled the edges.

Kidnapped during a desperate mission to save Carwin, Lynx awakens to a completely foreign civilization where slaves and masters exist in a unique symbiotic relationship. And to a face he never expected to see again—Rabbit. Yet Lynx’s shock and joy are tempered by the changes in his lover.

The Pack’s strength lies in love, sex and a brotherhood forged from a lifetime of living and fighting side by side. Rabbit’s seeming acceptance of his lot as a slave makes Lynx wonder if he’s lost his soul mate forever…and if he can trust Rabbit with knowledge of his plan to escape.

As Lynx learns to navigate the complex hierarchies of Queen City, he begins to realize all is not as it seems. He finds he can’t simply take Rabbit and run, leaving an entire city to a grisly fate. Even if it costs him the one bond closest to his heart—the love he and Rabbit still share.

Warning: This book contains Lynx-napping, futuristic farming, eavesdropping (minus the eaves), daring escapes, bloody battles, and Pack sex.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50