Shadow Game

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Shadow Game

A classified experiment gone wrong - A group of elite soldiers nicknamed 'Ghostwalkers' and a brilliant, beautiful scientist who vows to help them find a reversal to the experiments these Ghostwalkers have been subjected too. Shadow Game has all the ingredients of a sensual, thrilling read with a touch of the paranormal.

Peter Whitney is murdered for the secrets he kept hidden about a classified experiment he conducted on an elite group of soldiers, an experiment that enhanced their psychic abilities. A telepathic message from her father compels Dr Lily Whitney to help the Ghostwalkers.

As the web of military intrigue and deception unfolds, Lily must increasing rely on the Ghostwalker's leader, Ryland Miller. A man of whom she is suspicious but unable to resist the passion that builds between them.

Shadow Game was a superb start to the Ghostwalker series. This is one book I will certainly be keeping on my shelf.

Book Blurb for Shadow Game

A man and woman possessed of telekinetic powers. She is the doctor. He is the experiment. What comes between them is a terrifying secret history that could save them or destroy them.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2005 4.00