Zero Hour

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Zero Hour

Wired & Dangerous, #1

Megan Erickson’s newest series brought to mind the assorted guys and gals on “Scorpion” TV series, although the reason Roarke Brennan put together the team was much more personal: avenging the death of his brother. This was the main mission in “Zero Hour” - proving Roarke’s brother had been murdered and bring the culprit to justice. The first entry in “Wired & Dangerous” series, “Zero Hour” introduced Roarke’s motley crew of coders and their special skills, and in a sense tipping-off their secrets and potential follow up story for other members of the crew while the book centered on Roarke and Wren.

If you’re looking for a thrilling, fast-paced, and action-packed nerdy story with generous doze of hot sex, you should look no further - “Zero Hour” has it all. And let’s not forget the tattoos! The hero and heroine were all but covered in it, which is too bad with the amount of them mentioned in the book they aren’t displayed on the cover. Not to say it’s a bad cover, I just don’t think it fully describe the character in the story.

Cover aside, this book set a promising precedent to the series. The twist and turn of the plot - some expected, but still! - gripped me from start to finish. Oh, I was somewhat miffed with the characters over some issues, such as - considering how cunning and powerful their opponent were - what a rash move to let down their guard or not setting up pertinent alert if their snooping around got detected; or - after years of avoiding to get involve with Wren - it only took one touch for Roarke’s wall to crumble. I mean, where were all his earlier reservations gone?!?

That saying, I love the portrayal of their characters. Perhaps my being almost as awkward and antisocial as Roarke afforded me more empathy to him. It amused me no end that he didn’t stop apologizing once he owned up his past mistakes to Wren. Honestly, he took groveling to a new level and I approved! As for Wren, I love that she was loyal and how she rose above her traumatic experience, even confronting it bravely. She’s rather kickass in a regular non-superhero kind of thing, fear and all.

Considering the background story and the skill the team had, and with how the drama unfolded, it’s gonna be interesting to see where the next installment would take. I had an idea who the next main pairing will be and really looking forward to read their book!

Book Blurb for Zero Hour

The Fast and the Furious meets Mr. Robot in USA Today bestselling author Megan Erickson's thrilling new romantic suspense series.

Hacker extraordinaire Roarke Brennan lives each hour - each breath - to avenge his brother's murder. His first move: put together a team of the best coders he knows. They're all brilliant, specialized, and every one an epic pain in his ass. Only now Wren Lee wants in too, threatening to upset their delicate balance. The girl Roarke never allowed himself to want is all grown up with sexy confidence and a dark past ... and she's the wild card he can't control.

Roarke might still think she's a kid, but Wren's been to hell and back. Nothing and nobody can stop her - especially the tatted-up, cocky-as-all-hell hacker. But when years of longing and chemistry collide, Wren and Roarke discover that revenge may be a dish best served blazing hot.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 3.50