The Drive

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The Drive

Close Proximity Book 3

Novella's can be a bit tricky with the necessity to tell a story in a short amount of pages or in this case - only five chapters. This is the third book in the Close Proximity series. Each stands alone and doesn't really connect with the others. So jump in with any of the stories.

Like the previous installments, “The Drive” is pretty instant and straightforward. The insta-love struck Charlie and Liam when the former’s daughter maneuvered the meeting between the two after months of subtle campaigning each men to both sides.

The POV was Liam's and that made this story feel two-dimensional as we only get Liam’s side of the story. The glimpse of father/daughter moments were pretty adorable though; a relationship goal for all parent/offspring in my opinion. As expected, Charlie and Liam hit it off right away at the speed of a race car (instant chemistry from zero to ten in a snap of fingers). It was pretty hot though, I give you that. But again, no substantial backstory on both characters to give more oomph to the overall tale. It was pretty predictable in a sort of cute and steamy way. But it’s not bad if you’re looking for a lighthearted age-gap instant love story. I was also rather entertained by the humor between the characters, even when I rolled my eyes over the token bitchy ex and homophobic incident(s) happened here.

Book Blurb for The Drive

Liam is done with love, but his daughter Portia has other plans. When he arrives to pick her up from college, she sets him up with her friend Charlie, and merrily heads off to her internship without them. Liam is left with an uncomfortable hard-on for Portia’s bestie, and a long drive to Vegas with a guy too young to know what to do with a guy Liam’s age.

Charlie thought he liked girls. More specifically, he thought he liked Portia, but when her dad offers him a ride home after graduation, he suddenly, shockingly realizes that he doesn’t like women at all. He likes Liam, and he wants to hook up as soon as possible, and maybe not ever let go. So, when Liam makes an offer he can’t refuse, what’s he supposed to do? Say no to the hottest person he’s ever met?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 3.00