Romantic Behavior

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Romantic Behavior

Bad Behavior Book 4

This last installment to “Bad Behavior” might not be as action-packed as other books in the series, but it is no less an appealing story; it’s funny, endearing, and heartwarming! As far away from deadly case as it is, “Romantic Behavior” - which evolved around Andreas and Darren going through the phase of tying the knot involving family and friends - entertains readers through their hassles in dealing with planning a wedding and meet the parents. The resulting emotional roller-coaster proves to be as exhausting as our MCs’ baddest case.

Similarly told in third person alternately from Andreas and Darren’s POVs, the plot takes readers on an usually lighter ride of our favorite Detectives. The shadows from past hurt (again, physically as well as emotionally, Andreas and Darren did went through a lot in the year they met and partnered) is present but not lingering much. Instead, we are treated to these guys bantering about cakes, flowers, and the likes. It’s amusing to see how the grumpy, irritable Andreas is more superior than Darren in this department.

Adding to the merriment are the recurring characters with their more prominent presence in engaging with our MCs. We also finally meet Andreas’ parents... and figured why the subject has never been broached before!

As the closing chapter to the series, “Romantic Behavior” delightfully canvassing another side Andreas and Darren we rarely see before. After reading his family engagement most likely had Darren sad, it’s gratifying to find the opposite in this book. This entry also makes up for the lack of steamy scenes between the couple that we didn’t find in previous book. Worry not, it’s not too much though I do love witnessing the reverse of growly Darren and whimpering Andreas for a chance.

It’s sad that the series is ending and the only chance we get to visit these guys is rereading the books all over again. Rumor has it though, that the authors’ collaboration has not ended and we can look forward to another tale penned by them. I hope it will be SOON. :)

Book Blurb for Romantic Behavior

Detective Andreas Ruffner is no fool—he’s found a man who loves him, puts up with him, and has stuck with him through hell and back, and it’s time to put a ring on it. Darren Corliss is the love of his life, and he wants the whole world to know it.

Now the fun part—the wedding!

Well, after the not-so-fun part of planning the wedding in between dealing with overbearing and impossible-to-please family members. With future mothers-in-law driving them both up a wall, the guest list growing out of control, and the wedding getting ever more complicated, Darren and Andreas have to wonder if they’re in over their heads.

But they’re going to make it to the altar if it kills them . . . and at this rate, it just might.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.00