Enticing the Enemy

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Enticing the Enemy

Hot in the City, #2

As much as I loved the idea of the story, the delivery wasn't exactly bang-on. Like there were missing pieces or left-out issues that would've made this novella more gripping for me. Granted, "Enticing the Enemy" is the sequel to the ongoing Hot in the City series, and - perhaps - readers are expected to have read the previous book and noticed the attraction between Danny and Erin there.

The start - while interesting - felt like being plunged into a rapid current that had me grappled for a while. From there, it practically went on a sprint that it left me little reason to really like the characters. Which was too bad, as both Danny and Erin had intriguing past that left both of them scarred. Alas, they weren't tweaked enough to give more meat to the story. And while I enjoyed Danny and Erin's volatile encounters and the verbal volleys, at the same time they depicted Danny and Erin as a bit shallow: disliking the other ...just because??

The alternate POV's supposed to allow reader to see inside the MC's head, but mostly what I get was confusion or choppy sequence. Even when they finally admitted the attractions, there's no rhyme nor reason for it; suddenly they just go for it. Personally, it's as if they ran out of pages so just-be-nice-to-each-other-now, then we can finish the story.

That said, I'm still looking forward to the next installment of the series and hope it'd be an improved experience for me.

Book Blurb for Enticing the Enemy

Jules Court, author of Hot in the City, returns with a brand-new contemporary romance novella full of sparkling wit and personality 

Defense attorney Erin Rafferty has to be tougher than her male colleagues to prove herself in the courtroom. A pit bull in a teacup-poodle package, her hard-earned hard-ass persona isn't easily undone. But one man has proved himself capable. 

Rugged, tattooed Detective Cruz is honest, solid—and his testimony on a past case devastated Erin's career. When a blind date has their paths crossing again, she has no intention of consorting with the enemy, even if her loss wasn't entirely his fault. Then she gets close enough to him to feel the sparks, and even Erin can't bring herself to object.  

Undercover cop Daniel Cruz never dreamed he'd see that sexy lawyer ever again. She's just the shot of adrenaline he needs after being lost and alone too long in a job that's beginning to get the best of him. However, getting the cautious Erin to trust in something more than a series of hot trysts isn't easy. And with a new case threatening to put them right back where they started, this time their future together could be on trial, too.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 3.00