Wicked Seduction

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Wicked Seduction

7 years ago Kit Frazier was kidnapped by pirates after his cousin had put him on a boat for the colonies to keep him from marrying an actress. After 3 years he was able to horde enough to purchase his freedom. It took another 4 years for him to bring himself to a point where he felt he was again a man and not an animal locked in the hole of the slave ship. Upon returning to London he finds that he might not have returned to the state he was in before his captivity. Meeting Madeline Wilson at his cousin’s house does make things interesting though. Even though he is not ready for anything other than friendship, he finds himself drawn to Maddy against his better judgment.

Madeline Wilson better known as Maddy to her friends cannot believe the gorgeous hunk that walked into the door of the house she was having tea at. There with her beautiful cousin Rose, she has gotten use to not being seen when Rose is in the room. Things are different when she meets Kit Frazier though. It seems that Kit does not see Rose the way he sees Maddy. Even though Maddy is the relative that has been reduced to living on the goodwill of her uncle and cousin these past few years.

As time goes by it becomes apparent that Maddy’s uncle has plans for Maddy that are not of the highest caliber. In fact, he does what he can to ruin her reputation so that no-one will ask for her hand in marriage. Thinking that if he can keep her from marrying then he will be able to keep her as his own mistress for he sees no problem with this since she is the niece of his dead wife and not a blood relation to him. But good fortune rains down on both Maddy and Kit as she helps him re-establish himself and in the process learns that she just might be able to forge out a living for herself that will not require her to lower herself into a situation she has no wish to be in.

I have read several books by Jade Lee, but I do believe this is the first I have read by her that is a strictly romance book. It is up to Ms. Lee’s implacable standards and then some. I found it fun to read and explaining to people around me why I was laughing so much as I read Wicked Seduction. I am sure that you will find it as intriguing as I did. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon or two with a Pirate and the lady who helps him in more ways that she can possibly know.

Book Blurb for Wicked Seduction

Pirate Kit Frazier returns to England to find that being on land is even more dangerous than at sea-especially when he's beguiled by a beauty who will do anything to escape the dire circumstances of her life.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 5.00